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By Dustin Phillips on
January 26, 2022

Of all the charges, sex crime charges are some of the most devastating and despicable in the criminal justice world. They range from rape and assault to molestation and lewd acts. And when children are involved it's even worse. Child pornography and other child-related sex crimes are the ultimate in human depravity.

Unfortunately Oklahoma has it's share of sex crime related news and we have covered a great deal of it here.

Child Pornography Articles

Charges of child pornography carry significant punishments in the U.S. and in the state of Oklahoma. In the following articles we highlight some of the charges filed and cases prosecuted in Oklahoma.

In this article we give you a detailed look at child pornography laws in Oklahoma

Molestation Articles

Molestation can range from showing someone indecent pictures to illegal touching. Charges are often brought against an adult molesting a child. Here are some of the charges and cases we've covered.

Sexual Abuse Articles

These articles all involve charges of sexual abuse. Unfortunately most of these types of cases involve children. Sexual abuse can include many different acts. From touching the victim in a sexual manner to forcing a victim to touch the perpetrator in a sexual way. It also includes making the victim look at sexual body parts or watch sexual activity.

Sexual Assault Articles

While rape is a form of sexual assault, it's not the only type of charge. Sexual assault describes a range of criminal acts that are sexual in nature, from unwanted touching and kissing, to rubbing, groping or forcing the victim to touch the perpetrator in sexual ways. But sexual assault overlaps with rape because the term includes rape.


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