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By Dustin Phillips on
April 21, 2011
January 26, 2022

The Oklahoma City police officer accused of sexually abusing at least one of the young men in his foster care was arrested again last week as a result of new evidence and a sting operation conducted by fellow officers.

Sexual Abuse Charges

Sergeant Maurice Martinez was originally arrested in January after one of the boys in his custody told church members that Martinez had been sexually abusing him. Martinez was arrested and released on $80,000 bail. He denied all allegations, and both he and his Oklahoma sex abuse defense lawyer say that police mishandled the investigation.

After Martinez's Oklahoma County lewd molestation arrest, the boys in his care were taken into DHS custody. Two 16-year-old boys ran away during a DHS excursion, but one was found a short time later. The second boy, the initial accuser, was recently discovered living in Utah, which led, in part, to Martinez's most recent arrest.

Sgt. Martinez was arrested at approximately 1:45 a.m. on Friday, April 15, on his way to a meeting that was, unbeknownst to Martinez, arranged by police officers. According to his Oklahoma City defense attorney, Martinez had legitimate reasons for his actions that will come to light at trial.

His Legal Defense

His criminal lawyer further questions police actions in the investigation, most notably the earliness of the January arrest, before an investigation was thoroughly underway, and the lag between the previous arrest and Martinez's most recent arrest.

Oklahoma City police Sergeant Maurice Martinez is being held without bail on complaints of harboring a runaway juvenile, sexual abuse by a caretaker, forcible sodomy and kidnapping. He has not been charged. Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater says that the case against Martinez is "improving," and that he anticipates numerous felony charges against the officer as well as possible federal charges.

Martinez maintains his innocence, and his OKC sex crime lawyer states, "I haven't seen one piece of evidence that shows he has committed a crime," admitting that he has not been allowed to see all police reports pertaining to the case.

The investigation into the allegations of sexual abuse is muddled by a break-in to Martinez's home during the initial police search in January. Police allege the man arrested was acting on behalf of Martinez, but Martinez and his attorney point to police failure to adequately secure the property. The case continues to develop.

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