Oklahoma City Police Officer Accused of Child Sex Abuse

An Oklahoma City police officer who has been foster parent to some 60 children since 2001 was arrested last week on complaints of sexual abuse of a minor.  Sergeant Maurice Anthony Martinez, 44, was accused by a 16-year-old boy who told church members that the officer had been forcing him to perform sex acts several times since he was 14.

Sex Crimes Charges

Martinez was arrested on complaints of forcible sodomy and lewd acts with a minor in Oklahoma County.  At the time of his arrest, Martinez was caring for three adopted sons and three foster sons ranging in age from 12-17.  His sex abuse arrest came after a call was placed to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) and an investigation by Oklahoma City police. 

Police say they interviewed all the boys living in the home before arresting Martinez. Sergeant Martinez was released on $80,000 bail.  His Oklahoma City lewd acts defense lawyer says that he is "surprised and puzzled" that Martinez's arrest was made "so early," and that the investigation is ongoing.  He further states that support for Martinez has come from at least 26 individuals who had been foster children in Martinez's care. 

The officer was commended last year for his work as a foster parent. The boys who were living with Sergeant Martinez were taken into protective custody as a result of the officer's Oklahoma County lewd acts arrest.  Two of the boys, 16-year-olds, escaped from DHS custody Friday night after an outing to Skate Land in Midwest City.  The boys ran away at approximately 8:45 p.m., and one was found safe late the following night. 

As of Sunday afternoon, the second boy was still missing. Sergeant Maurice Anthony Martinez was placed on paid administrative leave pending the investigation into the allegations of child sexual abuse.  It is important to remember in any accusation of sex crimes--or any other crimes--that the accused is innocent until his or her guilt is proven.  Not every allegation is true, and not every accuser has pure motives. 

Legal Defense for Sex Related Crimes

When dealing with troubled youth, accusations for the purpose of revenge can be common.  Those accused of sexually abusing children face immediate and harsh consequences, even prior to criminal charges being levied or a judicial verdict.  For the best protection of their constitutional rights, the accused should immediately contact an experienced Oklahoma sex crime defense lawyer.