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By Dustin Phillips on
September 12, 2011
December 31, 2019

An Oklahoma man who failed to show up for the remainder of his child molestation trial was arrested Wednesday in another state. Kent Savage, 48, of Edmond, was arrested by sheriff's deputies acting on an anonymous tip in Coweta County, Georgia. Savage was staying at the home of his ex-wife.

Police said they were especially concerned because Savage's two young children were also living at the home. According to Oklahoma County sheriff's spokesman Mike Myers, Savage is fighting extradition back to Oklahoma. He refused to sign a waiver, and the Oklahoma County sheriff's department will proceed by getting a governor's warrant.

Once the warrant is signed, sheriff's deputies from Oklahoma will travel to pick up Kent Savage and bring him back to Oklahoma. In June, Savage was on trial for charges of child rape in Oklahoma. He appeared for the first three days of his trial, but on the fourth day, he failed to show.

The judge proceeded with the trial, continuing to hear testimony despite the absence of the defendant. In his absence, Savage was convicted on multiple counts, including ten counts of lewd acts with a minor in Oklahoma, two counts of rape by instrumentation, and two counts of exhibiting obscene materials to a child. His conviction came as the result of accusations of the Oklahoma child molestation of three girls.

He was sentenced to 186 years in prison. When it comes to a criminal court trial, walking away is never the best option. Despite a defendant's desire to escape his or her situation, a failure to appear in court only compounds ones legal troubles. In the case of Kent Savage, not only was he unable to avoid conviction, but he now faces additional charges as a result of his failure to appear. If you are facing criminal charges, contact qualified Oklahoma criminal defense attorneys who can best advise you how to proceed with your case.


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