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Spending a Day at the Oklahoma City Zoo

The Oklahoma City zoo and botanical garden was started in 1902 as wheeler park zoo. It had only one wild animal – a deer fawn which had been donated. People flocked to see it since in the day they were so rare. It picked up when people started donating animals.

Since then, it has grown in size to cover 48 hectares, and increased the number of animals from one, to currently holding over 1900 animals. It has survived relocations, floods, and economic crisis to become what it is today.

Currently, it is located to the northeast of Oklahoma City, in a place called Adventure District.  The zoo has been ranked from time to time as one of the best zoos in the country. It features over a hundred landscaped areas, on top of a large number of the exotic animals. If you decide to visit it, you can assured of an experience that entertains children and adults alike.

The zoo features one of a kind exhibits that include the butterfly garden, the elephant habitat, and the great escape among others. There are also special shows, outreach programs, tours, and many others. You will be treated to live music at the zoo Amphitheater if you would like.

For just a small fee you can see the following exhibits, among others.

Exhibits and Features of the Oklahoma City Zoo

Elephant habitat

This exhibit is located to the south east side of the zoo, next to the great escape. It was opened in 2011 and cost 13 million to create. It is the largest that was ever built in the zoo, and covers nine and a half acres. It features outdoor yards, a waterfall, shade structures and pools. It hosts Asian elephants, hence the Asian theme.

The Great EscAPE

Just as the name suggests, this exhibit has something to do with apes. It covers a six-acre land filled with plantings of a tropical rainforest. It includes orangutans, chimpanzees and gorillas.

The children’s zoo

This exhibit was opened in 2010 and covers a two and a half acre piece of land. It is a place where kids can go play and explore the natural environment. It helps widen their imagination, and give them a better appreciation of nature.

Oklahoma trails

It was opened on March 10th 2010 and covers a 7.7 acre land. It is filled with animals that are native to the state of Oklahoma. They include, snakes, alligators, bears, and beavers among others. It also has a bird exhibit that has birds such as skunks, owls, and bats.

Cat forest overlook

Tigers, snow leopards and African lions can all be found here, together with more than four thousand plants forming a natural environment. It covers 4.2 acres of land.


Aquaticus has aquatic creatures from all over the world. They add up to more than 1500, including corals and sea lions.

Butterfly garden

The butterfly exhibit covers an area of 2000 square meters. It uses its 15000 plants to attract them. The butterflies that can be found there include the giant swallowtail, the monarch butterfly and the painted lady.

If by any chance you get hungry, no need to worry. There are places inside the zoo that you can eat. They include canopy food court, and a number of food cafes.  For just a few dollars as aforementioned, you can have an experience of a lifetime.

Other Information on OKC

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