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Top 3 Restaurants in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City's Top 3 Restaurants

Oklahoma City is becoming a popular destination for tourists and foodies. It is the largest city in the state of Oklahoma, and it is the capital as well. While not known as a big city for tourism, OKC is steadily growing in popularity. Many tourists visit this city because of its beauty. However, the most significant thing in this beautify city is its restaurants and eateries.

Oklahoma is famous for its fascinating restaurants. Without any doubt, Oklahoma City has one of the best restaurants around the world. Hence, following are our picks for the 3 best restaurants.  

Nic’s Grill

Nic’s Grill is one of the most famous restaurants in the city. It is mostly open during breakfast and lunch time. You can have a memorable lunch and breakfast at this wonderful restaurant. The restaurant offers a unique menu which is appropriate for your breakfast as well as lunch. This restaurant is a kid friendly, and this is the reason why most kids love to be here.

There is an opportunity for the kids to have fun at this restaurant. The opening hours of the restaurant are from 7am to 2:30 pm. It is also a takeaway. It is located at the Pennsylvania Ave. Another good thing about this beautiful restaurant is that it is quite cheap. As compared to some other restaurants in Oklahoma, Nic’s Grill is relatively cheaper. They offer all the stuffy you may like at the breakfast and lunch.

They offer burgers, hot steak sandwiches, chicken fry steaks, and drinks, etc. Also, the fries are renowned as quite tasty at this restaurant. If you are fond of fast food at lunch, you can just visit Nic’s Grill. This would ensure you to have fun and a great lunch or breakfast in Oklahoma.  


Vast is another magnificent restaurant in the city. Vast is a large restaurant with an enormous dining area. Vast is one of the larger restaurants in the city. There is a nice area for parking outside the restaurant. You can have a wonderful experience of dining at Vast. As its name suggests, there is a vast area of sitting for the people. There are plenty of dining tables around.

This restaurant is ideal for couples. They can enjoy every second of being at this restaurant. There is a romantic environment inside the restaurant, and the lighting is just awesome. It is located at 333 W. Sheridan Avenue in the city. Vast offers the menu for dinner in particular. Many people have regarded its food as the tastiest and fresh. People have rated it above all the restaurants in the city.

The important things in the menu of Vast include seafood, banana cheesecakes, steak, scallops, and rack of lamb, fast food, hamburgers, salads, and oxtail soup. There are also plenty of things your kids might like as well.  It would be great if you find a table by the window. This would give you a perfect view of the city. You can view the taller buildings around. People regard its best for the anniversary dinner.  

Red Prime Steak

Red Prime Steak is situated at Broadway Ave. It is one of the unique restaurants covered in the red color. This is why it is named as Red Prime Steak. The red color enhances the beauty of the restaurant. The lights inside the restaurant are mostly red.

You can have a great experience being there. The red color seems attractive. Also, you can find some good food stuff here as well. There is a variety in the food menu. You can have prime steak, chophouse salad, flash fried spinach, and dry aged ribeye.

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