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The Top 4 Bars in Downtown Oklahoma City

The Top 4 Bars in Downtown Oklahoma City

If you feel alive when darkness falls, hit up Oklahoma City's vibrant nightlife scene. Packed with live music, delicious cuisine and a robust selection of local and international beers, the city is sure to meet a range of needs. Whether you a looking for a place to enjoy a cold drink, hit the dance floor or just enjoy serene music, Oklahoma City has you covered.

This city’s cultural resurgence, which has the area brimming with energy, is evidenced in its stunning array of bars and nightclubs. If you are planning to visit the place, we’ve rounded up the best bars in Oklahoma City that are worth visiting. Here are four of the best.

The Mule

If you are looking for a bar that offers artisan beverages and freshly made dishes, this is your spot. The club offers a wide array of beers, wines and whiskeys to meet your needs. You will get authentic, full-flavored beverages served with the same passion they were brewed with. Besides, there’s an eclectic assortment of hearty sandwiches, particularly the Macaroni Pony – a jalapeno cornbread, barbecue pulled-pork and cheese and pickles creation that pairs perfectly with a cold beer. Because the club caters to many aspects, the people you will meet there are as charming as the city itself.

The Mule
630 N. Blackwelder Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73106

The Pump Bar

The Pump Bar exudes class, relaxation and calmness. The bar stocks an extensive range of beers. Guests can choose from 16 beers on tap and over 50 local and international whiskeys. Grab a shot of something stiff for a few bucks then head to the gaming zone to play a game of cornhole. Celebrate victory with a bowl of freshly made dishes outside a culinary norm. The place is breathtaking, rooms are modern and the staff has an easy-going attitude. So, if you feel like having a pleasant evening without spending a great deal of cash, let The Pump Bar be your perfect alternative.

The Pump Bar
2425 N Walker Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

WSKY Lounge

One of Oklahoma City’s most popular bars, WSKY Lounge is known for stocking a robust selection of classic beers, wines and cocktails. The bar features more than 250 whiskeys and small plates, along with cigar lounge and live jazz. All of their cocktails are brewed the perfect way including using in-house made bitters, freshly squeezed juices, shrubs, syrups and tinctures. You can order a drink from the club or enjoy an assortment of whiskeys by the glass. The staff is friendly, charming and knowledgeable.

WSKY Lounge
320 Northwest 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

McNellie's Pub

If you enjoy a wide array of domestic and foreign beers, then you need to visit McNellie's Pub. The club is a popular place for both the locals and tourists thanks to its wide range of beers and beverages. You will not be disappointed in their selection of beer as there are several pages of foreign beer selections alone. And, each month they have a foreign beer sampler to allow guests to sample some of the world’s best beers. As well as having a variety of beer, they also have a wide selection of food. Be sure to go through their menu before placing an order as you wouldn’t want to miss a possible delicacy.

McNellie’s Pub
1100 Classen Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

There you have it! Best bars in Oklahoma City. There are many bars in this beautiful city, making it difficult to choose one that will meet your needs. We hope this article will help you choose a bar that will spice up your evening.  As criminal lawyers in Oklahoma City we only ask that you don't drink and drive.

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Looking for things that are more family friendly?  Check out these things to do in OKC.  Here you'll find a number of activities for both young and old visitors.  As criminal defense attorneys in Oklahoma City we only ask that everyone drink responsibly so you don't end up needing our services.


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