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By Dustin Phillips on
April 14, 2011
April 16, 2020

The legal profession is a vast and varied field.  Prospective attorneys selecting an area of practice choose from family law, corporate law, personal injury law, and criminal law (both prosecution and criminal defense) among others.

Why Practice Sex Crime Defense?

There are those who do not understand why an attorney would  choose to practice criminal defense at all, much less sex crime defense.  For these individuals, sex crimes are among the most vile and hated criminal offenses, and they fail to see the necessity of adequate defense for those accused of sex crimes in Oklahoma.  

There are, however, many valid, just, and moral reasons for choosing to defend those charged with sex crimes.

First, the United States Constitution declares it a right of every accused citizen to have a fair and impartial trial.  To protect this right and other constitutional rights, it is imperative that one accused of a sex offense in Oklahoma be represented by an attorney experienced in this field. Without competent legal representation, without a fair trial, many accused of sex crimes would be wrongfully convicted.

Next, when it comes to sex crime allegations, public judgment is swift and severe.  With a moral outcry against the accused, he or she is often treated as if guilty, long before any investigations are complete and any justice has been served in a court of law.  Just take a look at some of these sex crime articles to see what we mean.

A sex crime lawyer can help protect the accused from illegal searches, from unfair questioning techniques, and from self-incrimination that may come as a result of manipulation of the words of the accused. While investigators and prosecutors may be quick to assume the guilt of someone accused of sexual abuse, rape, or other sex offense.  Attorneys in Oklahoma understand it is common for a person to be falsely accused or to have inflated charges levied against him in an effort for prosecutors to take a "hard line" against sex crime.  

Some reasons for false sex crime allegations include:    

  • an alleged victim's regret following a consensual sexual encounter
  • a bitter child custody dispute
  • an alleged victim's ploy for attention or sympathy
  • revenge for a bad breakup
  • vengeance on the part one whose advances were rebuffed
  • a child's confusion after improper questioning
  • a child's attempt to get a parent's new lover or spouse out of the picture

The list of reasons for false accusations of sex crimes is by no means exhaustive.  Experienced Oklahoma sex crime defense lawyers have seen it    all, and in an attempt to uphold justice and the constitutional rights granted by our nation, they diligently practice criminal defense to protect    those wrongfully accused.


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