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By Dustin Phillips on
October 25, 2012
December 31, 2019

A Newalla, Oklahoma, man has been arrested multiple internet sex offenses after police say he sent obscene cell phone images to a 12-year-old girl he met at a medical clinic.

Police arrested Richard Lee Nelson, Jr., 50, after the girl's parents notified authorities that she had received graphic pictures of his genitalia and a boy's genitalia on her cell phone.

The girl told police that she exchanged phone numbers with Nelson at a local clinic, and that they soon began exchanging text messages. The girl said that Nelson sent pictures of his genitals and the picture of a boy's genitals, and that he asked her to send him pictures of herself. She says she sent a topless photo to the man.

The girl says that Nelson suddenly asked her to delete all messages and images and never contact him again. She says that he threatened to "plaster her picture all over the internet" if she went to police. Nelson allegedly confessed to Nicoma Park police that he sent the images to the girl despite knowing that she was a minor.

An investigating officer said that Nelson called his own actions "stupid" and "a mistake." Nelson was booked into the Oklahoma County jail and held on $31,000 bond. Sexting, or sending explicit text messages, has become one of the newest ways of perpetrating sex crimes.

Sexting can take the form of child pornography, soliciting minors online, and other actions that involve the victimization of minors. Unfortunately, many people who are accused of sexting fail to see the seriousness of their actions until it is too late and they find themselves facing criminal charges.

Potential consequences of sex crimes such as possession of child pornography, distribution of child pornography, and solicitation of minors include significant prison time and lifetime sex offender registration. As a convicted sex offender, a person faces housing restrictions, GPS ankle monitoring, and strict limitations on areas where he or she is allowed to visit.

No physical contact is necessary to bring serious felony charges in a sexting case. Finding experienced legal representation is critical for those who have been accused or charged. Click here to find an Oklahoma criminal attorney to help with sexting defense.

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