Sexting and Oklahoma Internet and Computer Sex Crime Laws

"Sexting" is the practice of transmitting sexually explicit text messages or images via cell phone, and it can have very serious implications. 

Charges for Sexting?

Sexting can bring about the same charges and consequences of any other computer sex crime.  Most frequently, these charges include solicitation of a minor or sale, distribution, downloading, or possession of child pornography.  Here is some more specific information about Oklahoma sexting laws.

Just as with any other sex crime, sexting and internet sex crimes hold lifelong consequences for those convicted.  If convicted, you may be required to register as a sex offender every three months, to have the words "Sex Offender" on your driver's license for life, to wear a GPS tracking ankle bracelet for life, and to receive written permission to attend religious services.

Potential Changes in Oklahoma Sexting Laws

At a  recent hearing organized by Rep. Anastasia Pittman, D-Oklahoma City, investigators and prosecutors reiterated the dangers and legal implications of sexting.  Later this year, the Oklahoma Legislature will consider a bill that will clarify language in existing criminal statutes. 

Such clarification is necessary; in another state, one sexting case was taken so far that the federal court rebuked the district attorney for attempting to prosecute three teenage girls for risqué, but not sexually explicit, photos they took of themselves on their cell phones. 

The girls were charged with distribution of child pornography; ironically, the boys who received and were sharing the photos with others were not charged. The media has placed a lot of emphasis on sexting as a teenage phenomenon, but it is not just a teen crime. 

Recently, a Garvin County, Oklahoma, school bus driver was accused of sending sexually explicit text messages to two teenaged students.  Within the last week, an Oklahoma City ex-youth minister was sentenced to seven years in prison with ten years' probation after his release.  

He must register as a sex offender for life after pleading guilty to charges including making lewd proposals over his cell phone.

If you are accused of sexting or other internet sex crimes, you need to contact an experienced Oklahoma sex crime attorney to uphold your rights and improve the outcome of your case.