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By Dustin Phillips on
December 13, 2014
January 26, 2022

In 2013, Rebecca Bryan was convicted of murdering her husband, Nichols Hills Fire Chief Keith Bryan. Her case was sordid--like something you might see on a prime-time mini-series, not something playing out in an Oklahoma City courtroom.Tales of illicit affairs, nude photos, and a woman who was laughing and texting another man on the way to the hospital after her husband had been shot in the head by "an intruder" painted a picture of an obsessed woman who cared nothing for the man she was accused of killing in cold blood.Bryan was found guilty and sentenced to life without parole.After her conviction, Rebecca Bryan launched an appeal, citing errors including ineffective counsel, improperly admitted prejudicial evidence, and "accumulation of error" which prohibited the defendant from receiving a fair trial.Yesterday, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals upheld her conviction.In her appeal, Bryan argued that the court should not have entered as evidence nude photos of the woman that she allegedly sent to other men, and should not have allowed evidence of her sexual encounters and communications with men other than her husband. Bryan's attorneys argued that such evidence was "prejudicial" and "did not show motive."The appeals court disagreed, issuing the following opinion:

"Taken together, this evidence paints a sad and striking picture of Bryan in the days and hours leading up to the murder. All this evidence was relevant to show Bryan's motive and state of mind. We found no error in Propositions I, II or III. Where there is no error, there is no cumulative error."

Read more about the Bryan murder case here. A similar case is currently playing out in Oklahoma City. Kinney Glasson, 33, called police to his Northwest Oklahoma City home last month, saying that an intruder broke into his home, and that in an attempt to shoot the intruder, he accidentally shot his own wife. Erin Glasson, 41, died of a single gunshot wound to the head.Soon, Glasson was under investigation for his wife's murder, with police believing the story didn't add up. They discovered that the man had been having an affair with an exotic dancer he met at a strip club, and who was currently incarcerated in the Stephens County jail.After the death of Erin Glasson, her husband's mistress expressed shock, saying that he told her that his divorce was to be finalized in January, and that he was raising bail money to get her out of jail.No court documents indicate that Glasson ever filed for divorce.


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