Use of Deceased Parents' Credit Card Leads to Fraud Arrest

An local woman finds herself in need of an Oklahoma fraud lawyer after being arrested on 21 felony complaints of credit card fraud.  Julie H. Frias, 52, is accused using her deceased parents' credit card beginning less than four months after her mother's death.  

She is accused of running up more than  $53,000 in charges in less than one year with the fraudulent use of the credit card. According to Edmond police, Frias reported that a former employee of her home-based business had stolen checks from the residence.  

During an investigation, a witness reported that she had seen Frias use a credit card that did not belong to her, but rather to her deceased father, Sam W. Hunsaker.  After pursuing the tip further, investigators determined that Frias had not notified the credit card company, Citi, of her parents' deaths, and in fact, requested replacement cards for one she claimed was lost.  The "lost" card was discovered in her purse when she was booked into jail, along with another Citi card she also told authorities was lost.

Frias's Oklahoma credit card fraud charges result from numerous unauthorized transactions in Oklahoma and abroad.  

Some charges made to the deceased Mr. Hunsaker's card include:

  • $2,500 to Superior Cuts in Oklahoma City, which Frias said was a business loan to her mother-in-law
  • $978 for Oklahoma State University football season tickets
  • $1,664 to the "OSU Posse" to support OSU student-athletes
  • More than $38,000 to Frias & Sons LLC, a real estate and marketing business run from the Frias home
  • Multiple smaller transactions throughout Oklahoma City, Texas, Nevada, Mexico, and Europe
Julie Frias told police that the money charged to her company was "earnest money" for real estate transactions in Oklahoma City.  Frias said she used the card because of its high credit limit and frequent flier miles.  The credit card, which had zero balance in April  2010 had a balance of $53,152.18 by February 2011.

Julie Frias is not the only Frias to face felony criminal charges.  According to Edmond police, her husband, Domingo Frias, 30, is facing an Oklahoma felony assault charge of assault with a deadly weapon after threatening to cut off another man's finger.  Domingo Frias has fled to Mexico.