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By Dustin Phillips on
December 20, 2011
December 31, 2019

A white collar crimes lawyer defends clients accused of a variety of charges including: embezzlement, identity theft, and fraud. These types of crimes--those which deal with commercial and financial enterprise--cover a vast array of activity.

Even "fraud" may be perpetrated in a number of ways, and white collar defense attorneys must be equipped to handle the details of each unique case.

Types of Fraud Charges

Some examples of state and Federal fraud include:

Falsifying information, giving false information, or withholding information on applications for benefits or financial aid is illegal.

Whether one conceals assets in filing bankruptcy or files false medical claims to receive insurance compensation, fraud is prosecuted aggressively and often by the federal government rather than state government. Those charged with fraud in U.S. District Court should find an Oklahoma fraud lawyer who is also an experienced federal criminal defense attorney.

Two Oklahoma Businessmen Face Fraud Charges

Two Oklahoma businessmen, formerly of Norman, Oklahoma, have learned over the last couple of years just how seriously the federal government takes fraud. Larry C. Shaver, 65, and Lewis Patrick Colbert, 65, along with colleague Howard Michael Wampler, were indicted by a Grand Jury in May 2009 on charges of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud.

Shaver and Colbert, the CEO and CFO of McSha Properties, respectively, were sentenced last week after they pleaded guilty in September. Shaver has been sentenced to 30 months in prison and has paid more than a million dollars in restitution United States Treasury.

Colbert has been sentenced to 24 months and has paid more than $330,000 in restitution. Shaver pleaded guilty to conspiracy and to knowingly depositing crime proceeds. Colbert pleaded guilty to conspiracy. In the fraud scheme, Shaver and Colbert, along with Wampler, McSha's Vice President in Charge of Construction, are alleged to have created millions of dollars in false invoicing to inflate tax credits for low-income housing.

They are accused of using the credits to obtain financing when was then misappropriated to personal use. White collar crimes have a notoriously high conviction rate in federal courts. This is often because any investigation into illegal financial dealings is generally carried out by highly specialized federal agencies such as the IRS, the FBI, or the SEC.

When charged with a federal crime, one needs quality legal defense from an Oklahoma white collar crime attorney who is experienced in federal court and is fully equipped to take on the United States District Attorney prosecuting the case and to challenge the evidence obtained in a federal investigation.


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