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By Dustin Phillips on
July 4, 2014
December 31, 2019

In the case of assault with a dangerous or deadly weapon, virtually any instrument, whether intended for violence or self defense or not, can be considered a weapon. Certainly, knives and guns are deadly weapons, but other household items suddenly become "weapons" when they are used to inflict harm. In separate cases of domestic violence in Oklahoma City within the past week, two men are accused of using a screwdriver as a deadly weapon to threaten or harm their girlfriends. On�Saturday evening, police discovered a woman in distress, bleeding from her face and having difficulty breathing. The woman told officers that her boyfriend, identified as 31-year-old Robert Kelly of Oklahoma City, had become angry and assaulted her. She said the man punched her, kicked her in the head multiple times, choked her by pouring water over her, and stabbed her with a flat-head screwdriver up to 20 times on her back, arm, and hand. When police entered a home not far from where they found the victim, they discovered the suspect lying on the floor crying. He had turned on all natural gas appliances and utilities in the home. Kelly allegedly began shaking uncontrollably and was taken to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation. Doctors determined that he was under the influence of amphetamines. As a result of the incident, Robert Kelly was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on a complaint of domestic assault and battery with a deadly weapon. Just a few days later, on Monday, another man was arrested for using a screwdriver to assault his girlfriend. Early Monday morning, police responded to reports of a woman screaming. Police discovered a man lying on top of a naked woman in an SUV. The woman told police that she was riding with her boyfriend, 27-year-old Christian Rincoin of Oklahoma City, when the vehicle broke down. She said that she and Rincoin got into an argument, and when she tried to leave, he dragged her back into the vehicle by her hair. She reported that Rincoin got the vehicle started again, but it soon broke down a second time. She said she again tried to leave, but the man held a screwdriver to her throat and threatened to kill her. Again, Rincoin was able to restart the vehicle, and he drove a short way down the road before pulling over and making the victim take her clothes off. Police arrested the suspect on a complaints of assault and battery and domestic assault with a deadly weapon. Click here to learn more about Oklahoma domestic violence laws and penalties.


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