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By Dustin Phillips on
June 11, 2013
December 31, 2019

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oklahoma sex crime lawyer

Image Credit: Public Domain[/caption]A former Oklahoma news reporter has become the news himself after an assault and battery arrest and an FBI investigation into allegations of sex with a 16-year-old prostitute. Zeke Campfield was fired by�The Oklahoman after he was arrested at the Cox Convention Center following accusations of repeatedly bumping into girls at a graduation ceremony and secretly taking photographs up their skirts.According to the Oklahoma City Police Department's arrest report, officers responded to a graduation ceremony for Moore high school students after receiving complaints of a man taking pictures under girls' dresses without their knowledge or consent. When the police arrived, they found witnesses detaining Campfield, who had tried to leave. Witnesses reported that the man appeared to be attempting to delete images from his camera before police arrived.At least four girls and young women, aged 13 to 21, told police that Campfield continually bumped into them, despite being in areas that were not crowded enough to warrant such close contact. Each of the girls said the repeated contact made them uncomfortable.Witnesses told responding officers that they saw Campfield position his camera to take pictures beneath the girls dresses as the brushed passed. One witness said he saw Campfield taking illicit pictures and confronted him. He told police that Campfield denied taking photos and showed him a picture of tornado damage on his camera.Campfield told police that he was at the Cox Convention Center in order to cover the graduation for The Oklahoman. Police asked to see the contents of Campfield's camera, and he consented to a search of his camera, camera bag, and person. The arrest report indicates that there were no images whatsoever on the camera, no SD card in the camera, and no SD card in an empty cardholder in the camera bag. Campfield insisted that he left his memory card at home, even when officers said a witness told them that he already showed him a picture on the camera.Police called Campfield's supervisor at The Oklahoman who confirmed that Campfield was an employee, but also indicated that the reporter's camera would not work without the SD card installed. The newspaper denies that Campfield was on assignment at the convention center at the time of his arrest.Following his arrest on May 25, the newspaper became aware that the FBI was investigating Campfield for hiring and engaging in sex with a 16-year-old prostitute. He allegedly also asked her if she knew any younger girls he could hire as a birthday present for his brother. Campfield denies engaging in prostitution with the girl. He admits that he met her, but says he did not have sex with the girl because he was uncomfortable with the presence of an adult male with her. He said she had never been to his home. However, the FBI indicates that the prostitute said Campfield paid her $220 for sex, and they say she provided them with a detailed sketch of the inside of his residence.In 2003, while working as an intern at The Missoulian in Montana, Campfield was convicted of burglary and received a three-year deferred sentence after breaking into a home and stealing a pair of women's underwear.


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