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By Dustin Phillips on
August 2, 2010
December 31, 2019

Attending college brings a host of new freedoms for young adults. With those freedoms, comes responsibility. While many college students are known for alcohol abuse, binge drinking, and attending wild parties, often it is college athletes who have a reputation for playing hard on and off the field.

Sooners RB Charged With DUI

Recently, Sooner running back Mossis Madu, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor DUI. Madu, a senior at the University of Oklahoma, was pulled over in Norman in the early hours of July 28, when a police officer noticed Madu's vehicle weaving across his lane.

The officer reported that he detected the odor of alcohol on Madu, and that the football player had slurred speech, watery eyes, and difficulty maintaining balance. When the officer asked for Madu's driver's license, Madu handed him his University of Oklahoma student ID.

According to police reports, Madu admitted to the arresting officer that he had consumed two drinks. A breathalyzer test recorded the running back's blood alcohol concentration at 0.19, over twice the legal limit for DUI in Oklahoma.

While Madu's defense lawyer will be be helping him fight charges in court, Madu's arrest will also create difficulties on the playing field. Currently competing with teammate DeMarco Murray for the role of backup tailback, Madu most certainly faces disciplinary measures from coach Bob Stoops and the OU athletic director.

A suspension of his competition could seal the position for Murray. Of course, it wouldn't be Bedlam if players at Oklahoma State University weren't competing.

OSU Safety Charged With Possession of Marijuana

On the same day of Madu's arrest, OSU officials released a police report showing that safety Victor Johnson was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. Johnson will appear in court on August 23, the same day he faces another hearing regarding the DUI charges stemming from his June 11 arrest. Johnson pleaded not guilty to DUI, but with his latest arrest, he also faces charges of Oklahoma drug possession and obstruction of justice.

The Sooners' first football game of the season is August 30. The Cowboys take the field September 4. It is not clear whether either Madu or Johnson will be playing in the early games, but hopefully, both teams' members can show enough responsibility to be operating with no suspensions when Bedlam strikes November 27 in Stillwater.


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