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By Dustin Phillips on
July 1, 2010
December 31, 2019

While many reports show that the illegal manufacturing of drugs in Oklahoma has declined, the production of meth continues to be a costly and dangerous problem in the state.

Explosion at a Home Meth Lab

Last week, firefighters were called to an explosion at an Oklahoma County mobile home. When they arrived, they discovered Nathan L. Knapp, 48, with third degree burns over his face and body. The man's son, Nathan C. Knapp, 28, told police officers that the injured man had been burning trash when the flames got out of control, but physicians at the Integris Baptist Medical Center Burn Unit reported that the father had chemical burns. The elder Knapp later died of his injuries.

Police report that Nathan C. Knapp did not immediately call 911 after his father's injuries because he was trying to get rid of evidence of a meth lab. Deputies found signs of the lab inside the home and suspect Knapp of manufacturing meth in a bathroom when it exploded.

A two-year-old child was inside the mobile home during the explosion and was taken into state custody. Knapp and another adult, Kristen Danker, 22, were arrested on complaints of child neglect and manufacturing a controlled and dangerous substance in Oklahoma. Other charges are likely pending as a result of Nathan L. Knapp's death.

Oklahoma's Methamphetamine Problem

With the DEA reporting that methamphetamine is the "principal drug of concern" in Oklahoma, it is not surprising that at least two other meth labs were discovered in the state last week.

In one incident, an investigation into a burglary complaint revealed a meth lab at the home where the stolen property was concealed. The owner of the home was arrested for endeavoring to manufacture methamphetamine and knowingly concealing stolen property.

In the second incident, a bounty hunter searching for a fugitive was led to a home that contained an active meth lab. While searching for the fugitive, who was not at the residence, the fugitive recovery agent found equipment used for making meth.

Allegedly, the two people arrested at the home were cooperative and even took the agent to a detached garage to show him the lab. Police report that the lab was large and that the street value of the seized drugs is estimated at over $10,000. Two adults inside the home were arrested on complaints of manufacturing meth and Oklahoma possession of a firearm after the previous commission of a felony.

Legal Defense Options

The manufacture of illegal drugs in Oklahoma remains a serious problem. When someone is charged with this crime, he or she faces serious consequences, even as a first offense. An experienced Oklahoma drug defense attorney thoroughly evaluates the client's case and ensures that his or her rights are upheld throughout the judicial process.


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