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By Dustin Phillips on
November 8, 2017
January 26, 2022

An Oklahoma City strip club owner has been arrested for operating a drug house after investigators say she allowed her dancers to openly sell illegal drugs in the facility.

Police obtained a warrant for the arrest of Heather Billings, 43, after they raided Midway Island, located at 5215 NW 10 late last month. The raid was the culmination of an investigation into the club that began in August 2016.

Over the course of the investigation, undercover officers visited the club approximately 20 times. On some of those occasions, the undercover officers reported that they were able to buy illegal drugs including marijuana and cocaine from the dancers. Additionally, they say that on several visits, dancers attempted to engage in prostitution, offering sex acts in exchange for cash. One investigator reported that a dancer said that for $1,000, she would have sex with two people.

In March, an informant who visited the club told police that he witnessed dancers snorting white powder near the stage. He said that a manager at the bar simply shrugged his shoulders.

An affidavit seeking the arrest of Midway Island owner Heather Billings states:

[During the investigation, officers] have been offered sexual acts in exchange for money, observed sexual acts being performed in the club, had sexual acts attempted on them and have been sold illegal narcotics. The business has been notified both informally and formally of the violations occurring on their premise. Immediately following each notice, the employees, contracted employees, agents and licensee of Midway Island have conducted themselves within accordance of the law until they were comfortable they were not being monitored by law enforcement. However, the illegal activity always returned.

Heather Billings is the wife of former attorney Michael Billings, who was convicted of traveling to Peru to engage in sex with minors. Michael Billings is serving 14 years in federal conviction for traveling to a foreign country with intent to engage in sexual conduct with a minor, also known as child sex tourism. Michael Billings turned over his interest in Midway Island and another strip club, Fantasy Island, to his wife in 2015.


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