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By Dustin Phillips on
December 1, 2014
December 31, 2019

An Oklahoma City man is behind bars after witnesses say he walked into the La Quinta Inn where his ex-wife worked and stabbed her in the presence of their children.Alexander Lloyd Barrett is held in the Oklahoma County Jail on complaints of assault and battery with intent to kill, domestic abuse in the presence of a minor child, reckless driving, and failure to provide proof of security verification. Bail is set at $200,000 on the assault and battery with intent to kill charge and $4,000 on the domestic abuse charge.Witnesses say that Barrett and his children walked into the La Quinta Inn located at 4829 NW Expressway, where he �intended to leave the children with his ex-wife, who was working at the hotel. Instead, he stabbed her in the back in front of their kids, then took the children and fled the scene in a minivan.When police arrived at the hotel, the woman was lying face down and having difficulty talking. However, she was able to identify �her attacker as "my ex-husband."Police soon apprehended Barrett and took him to jail.Barrett has a pending felony case in Cleveland County for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. Initially, that case was filed as a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge, but when Barrett rejected a plea agreement, the district attorney dismissed the misdemeanor charge and re-filed it as a felony.He also has outstanding warrants in Woods County. In that county, his criminal record dates back to 2010, with charges including second degree arson, assault and battery, disturbing the peace, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, false reporting of a crime, bogus check, stalking, and traffic crimes.Oklahoma has one of the nation's highest rates of violence against women, and it ranks high in the number of women killed by men. In many cases, domestic violence homicide or attempted murder occurs not while a woman lives with an abusive man, but after she has left the relationship. � reports that women are most likely to be killed by an abuser when leaving a relationship; in fact, the are 75 times more likely to be killed than women who stay in the abusive relationship.A National Criminal Justice Reference Center (NCJRC) report entitled "Risk Factors for Death or Life-Threatening Injury�for Abused Women in Chicago" found that 45 percent of homicides in which women had been killed by a man, leaving the relationship was the immediate precipitating factor for violence.While fatal or near-fatal violence can be the culmination of escalating abuse, for many women, the first violent incident�is life-threatening. The aforementioned report indicates that a first incident of abuse or violence was life-threatening for 27 percent of women seeking hospital or clinical care for abuse injuries; for 15 percent, the first incident was fatal.For information about domestic violence resources in Oklahoma, visit the Oklahoma Coalition against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault at or call the state domestic violence hotline at (800) 522-7233 (SAFE).


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