Infographic: The Bill Cosby Scandal

In recent weeks, all has been quiet on the Bill Cosby front. Since Chloe Goins became the first accuser whose allegations against the actor may fall within the statute of limitations for prosecuting Cosby, not much has happened. Now, actress and comedian Chelsea Handler says that Bill Cosby tried to "Cosby" her. Handler told Esquire magazine that she and Cosby were performing at the same Atlantic City hotel when she received word that Cosby wanted to see her in his room. Thinking it was odd that a man she did not know personally wanted her to visit his room, she said she felt uncomfortable visiting alone. Instead, she went to his room accompanied by three other men. When the sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby came to light, one of the men who accompanied Handler that night pointed out that she could have been a victim if she had gone alone. In light of Handler's allegations that she believes she would have been sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby if she had gone to his room without accompaniment, the Cosby scandal has been refreshed. We have compiled an infographic exploring details of the Cosby case and providing a timeline of allegations against the actor.