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By Dustin Phillips on
January 2, 2017
December 20, 2020

In the span of only two months, a Blanchard police officer has suffered a dramatic fall from grace--from being lauded as a lifesaving hero to being arrested as a suspected sex offender.

Earlier this year, Officer Jordan Jones, 30, was recognized for his efforts in saving a woman's life on the side of the road. The incident occurred when Jones noticed a speeding vehicle, and pulled it over to find that a passenger inside was suffering a heart attack. Jones performed CPR until paramedics arrived, and the woman recovered from a devastating heart attack that reportedly claims 90 percent of its victims.

But soon, the Blanchard Police Department would receive word that Jones was allegedly involved in an inappropriate sexual relationship with a minor.

Blanchard Police confirm that Jones and another officer are under investigation by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Police Chief Stacey White said, "Upon a complaint filed with the OSBI, an investigation was initiated against two Blanchard police officer. The Blanchard Police Department cooperated fully with the investigation and cannot make any further statement at this time."

No information has been released regarding the identity of the second officer or the allegations against him or her.

However, the OSBI confirms that Jones has been arrested on complaints of solicitation of a minor by technology, receipt of child porn, and violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act. OSBI Public Information Officer Jessica Brown said,

"We believed we had ample evidence after interviewing him to make an arrest. Because this was a police officer and we had convincing evidence that this crime occurred, we went ahead and arrested the man because we didn't want him to have contact with other people while this investigation is ongoing."

Reports say the allegations against Jones involve a teenager in McClain County. Under both state and federal law, it is illegal to produce, possess, or distribute sexually explicit images of a person under the age of 18.

A McClain County judge has sealed the records in this case. The OSBI investigation is ongoing.


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