Edmond Contractor Charged with Embezzlement in Oklahoma County

An Edmond roofing contractor already serving twenty years in suspended sentencing for prior embezzlement charges finds himself once again needing the help of an Oklahoma white collar crimes lawyer.  

Charges of Fraud in Edmond OK

Brian Vincent Krafton, 42, is accused of taking nearly $12,000 in deposits for roof repairs, but never returning to begin the work.  Krafton was charged with embezzlement in Oklahoma County District Court earlier this week.

According to prosecutors, Krafton accepted deposits for roof repair and replacement on behalf of Oklahoma Roofing and Flooring, Oklahoma Construction Plus, and Liberty Roofing.  However, he is accused of collecting the deposits but never completing any work.  As a result of four incidents in Edmond, Moore, and Oklahoma City, Krafton has been charged with four counts of embezzlement and one count of engaging in a pattern of criminal behavior. Krafton is accused of accepting deposits totalling $11,997.75 from four customers, but never beginning the work.  

In some cases, the customers say that supplies were dropped off, but no work was ever begun.  In one case, the home of a customer paying a deposit of $2,600 was damaged by heavy rain a week after the repairs were to have begun. Two customers filed suit against Krafton and were awarded a civil judgment, but have yet to receive the award.

The latest embezzlement charges seem to be the continuation of a pattern of fraudulent activity by the roofing contractor.  At the time of his most recent charges, Krafton was serving a total of twenty years in suspended sentences for embezzlement cases in May and June of 2011. On May 5, 2011, Krafton pleaded guilty in two separate cases to embezzlement and embezzlement by contractor in Cleveland County District Court.  

He received a five year suspended sentence for each.  On June 29, 2011, he pleaded guilty in Oklahoma County District Court to obtaining property by trick of deception.  He received a ten year suspended sentence in that case. A suspended sentence is one in which the sentence is deferred until the completion of a term of probation.

Defense Strategies in Fraud Cases

If the defendant successfully complies with the terms of the suspended sentence, the conviction may be thrown out.  However, if the defendant breaks the law during this time, the suspended sentence is revoked, and the defendant must serve the rest of the sentence behind bars. Facing multiple felony charges for white collar crimes is a serious undertaking.  If you or someone you love has been charged with embezzlement, fraud, or other white collar crime, call a qualified lawyer.