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By Dustin Phillips on
September 27, 2011
January 26, 2022

When the bail for a teacher accused of second degree rape was set at half a million dollars, his Oklahoma City sex crimes defense attorney argued that the amount was much too high. �According to his lawyer, Tyrone Lamont Nash, 32, does not pose a flight risk, and therefore should have his bail reduced. �Judge Jerry Bass agreed, dramatically reducing bail from $500,000 to $50,000. �The judge reportedly told the courtroom that, because of Nash's ties to the community, he does not feel that the accused man is at risk of becoming a fugitive from justice.Nash, a basketball coach at Western Heights High School in Oklahoma City, was charged with five counts each of second degree rape and forcible oral sodomy after a student told authorities that she had a sexual relationship with the teacher spanning two years. �Allegedly, the most recent encounter was in March, and the student ended the relationship the same month.Though the sexual contact was allegedly consensual, under rape laws, no one under the age of 16 is able to legally consent to sexual intercourse. �The student alleged to be involved with Nash is a minor under 16. �Furthermore, even if the girl had been past the age of consent, a teacher (or administrator or school employee) is not allowed to engage in sexual activity with a student. �Because the girl was both a minor and a student, Nash, as a teacher, is charged with second degree rape in Oklahoma City.In Oklahoma second degree rape is a felony punishable by one to fifteen years in prison and mandatory Oklahoma Sex Offender Registration. �Even if Nash is acquitted of the alleged crime, he faces certain restrictions while awaiting trial. �Under the terms of his bail, Nash is not allowed to have contact with anyone under the age of 18. �He must observe a curfew between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., and he must check in twice weekly with a pretrial release program.For anyone accused of a sex crime in Oklahoma, personal liberties are restricted immediately. �For the best protection of your rights up to, throughout, and following your trial, contact a qualified Oklahoma sex crimes lawyer.


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