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By Dustin Phillips on
February 4, 2011
January 26, 2022

An Oklahoma City man who pleaded guilty to five charges of first degree rape in Oklahoma County District Court last October was sentenced late last week. John Earl Stepney, Jr., 33, was given a life sentence without parole for each of the five rapes of which he was convicted.

Life Sentences for Rape Conviction

Oklahoma County District Court Judge Kenneth Watson ordered that the sentences be served consecutively, saying that Stepney should not "ever, ever, ever" be freed. Stepney was convicted as a serial rapist who admitted to raping five women between November 17, 2008, and January 7, 2009. Before his arrest the day following the last rape, the attacks were beginning to occur more closely together, with the fourth and fifth rapes happening only two days apart.

When Stepney pleaded guilty to the Oklahoma County rape charges, he apologized for his actions, saying that he had a problem with pornography and was under the influence of drugs at the time of the rapes. In a pre-sentencing report, Stepney stated, "I made some bad decisions. I have wrecked lives including my own," and said that the drugs "took over." He went on to say, "The drugs make you feel like you must have everything you want."

Oklahoma County District Judge Kenneth Watson sentenced Stepney to life in prison without parole for each of the following Oklahoma City rape incidents:

  • the November 17, 2008, rape of a woman who was asleep in her apartment
  • the December 7, 2008, rape of a woman who was attacked as she walked home from work
  • the December 23, 2008, kidnapping and rape of a woman who was shopping for Christmas at Penn Square Mall
  • the January 5, 2009, rape of a woman who was doing laundry at her apartment complex
  • the January 7, 2009, rape of a woman who was vacuuming her car at a car wash

Stepney is accused of forcing two of the women to withdraw cash from their bank accounts at ATMs. He reportedly used a BB gun that looked like a handgun to threaten and coerce his victims.

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