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A Day at OKC's Frontier City Theme Park

In the year 1958, along route 66 (currently known as interstate 35), a theme park was opened. It went under the name Boomtown. It was an amazing replica of the pioneer town that was built in 1957 during the semi centennial celebration of the state at Oklahoma State Fairgrounds. It featured just a haunted farm, robberies, jails and a mine train. Back in the day, entrance was free of charge, but in order to attend the gun fight shows, one had to pay a quarter.

Since then, it has attracted people from far and wide, entertained them, and kept them coming back for more. It has a westernized theme and is located in the heart of the city, somewhat to the north of it. It was the first park to be owned and operated by Premier Parks, hence it being widely known.

Currently, it is also the only park that can be found in Oklahoma City. This follows a closure of Bell’s Amusement Park back in the year 2006.
Covering a mere 55 acres, this theme park is on the smaller side. But that does not take anything away from it. The park is very family friendly and has quite a few attractions that ought to keep you entertained during your visit. There are activities for children and adults alike with roller coaster rides such as the looping roller coasters to water rides.


There are many rides that you can enjoy in the theme park. Generally, they are classified into thrill rides, family rides, and kiddie rides.

Thrill rides include:

- The brain drain – a seven story looping thrill ride.
- Diamondback – the coaster speeds and races through a spectacular loop, then does it again in reverse. The participants must be 48 inches tall and above.
- Gunslinger – here, the participants must also be 48 inches and taller. In this thrilling ride, you will twist, spin, and flip up and down.
- Silver bullet – you loop through the coaster in a very high speed – like a bullet – hence the name.
- Wildcat – it is a classic wooden coaster which is much more exciting than it really sounds.

Family rides include:

- Winged warrior – features eight vehicles that fly, giving one the opportunity to go as high or as low as they please.
- Tornado – the name of the ride tells it all. You will have to hang on tight as the ride tilts and spins.
- Sidewinder – it involves being spun in tight circles as the ride twirls.
- Prairie schooner – it’s an exciting ride that you swing back and forth, high into the air. You have to be 48 inches tall to try it out.
- Grand centennial Ferris Wheel – this ride will give you the best view of the west. To take part, you must be forty two inches or taller.

Kiddie rides include:

- Indian canoes – the children can paddle by themselves around this ride.
- Flying dragons – this will be lovely to the children as it lets them explore their imagination to the limits.
- Petting zoo – just as the name suggests, it is all about petting the animals.
- Rio Grande – it is a train for children in small tracks.

The list above is not exhaustive as there is an endless number of rides available at the frontier theme park.

Other attractions

There are many other paid-for-attractions that one can engage in. They include; the Geronimo Skycoaster and the Thunder Road Raceway among others.

Looking for other things to do in Oklahoma City?  Have a look at some of the local restaurants, a few of our bars, the Penn Square Mall, and even the zoo.  

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