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Possession of CDS with Intent to Distribute, Possession of Drug Proceeds, Possession of an Offensive Weapon in the Commission of a Felony
July 2017 | Oklahoma County Court
Possession of Ecstasy, Possession of Methamphetamine
July 2017 | Oklahoma County Court
Violation of a Victim's Protective Order
June 2017 | Lincoln County Court
Disorderly Conduct
June 2017 | Oklahoma City Municipal Court
Acquitted at Trial
Possession of a Firearm After Former Conviction of a Felony
May 2017 | Comanche County Court
Aggravated Possession of Child Pornography (x2), Possession of Child Pornography (x2)
May 2017 | Canadian County Court
Domestic Abuse by Strangulation
May 2017 | Oklahoma County Court
Obtaining Food Stamps by Fraud (x2)
May 2017 | Oklahoma County Court
Disturbing the Peace
April 2017 | Oklahoma City Municipal Court
Application to Accelerate
April 2017 | Oklahoma County Court

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Oklahoma's Most Experienced Sex Crime Law Firm

The sex crime defense attorneys with Phillips & Associates have built a reputation for aggressive and thorough criminal defense, gaining favorable outcomes for their clients accused of sex crimes in Oklahoma.

We understand that any number of circumstances may lead to an accusation or criminal charge, and not all of those allegations truly reflect the facts of the situation.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

False accusations of sex crimes may come from vindictive ex-partners or a scorned person whose romantic overtures were rebuffed. They can stem from a consensual encounter that one party now regrets.

They may come from spouses or ex-spouses looking to gain an edge in a custody dispute or stepchildren who are trying to get rid of a parent's new spouse. Students angry with their teachers may make false accusations in order to get revenge, a child in DHS custody may fabricate tales of abuse at the hands of case workers or guardians, and inmates may allege sexual abuse by police, jailers, or other Department of Corrections workers.

Our Law Practice Offers Effective Defense For Sex Crimes Including:

Of course, sexual assault and other sex crimes can and do occur in the above situations; for this reason, prosecutors and victims' rights advocates work quickly to bring charges against the accused and to push for maximum sentencing in the interest of "public welfare."

In situations where a crime actually occurred, it is important that the charges do not exceed the offense. In certain conditions, a seemingly consensual act of sex can be a crime—particularly if the "victim" is below the age of 16, the age of legal consent in Oklahoma. Even if a victim is aged 16 or older, there are specific situations in which he or she cannot legally consent to sex.

For example, a student past the age of legal consent cannot legally provide consent to sex with a teacher or employee of the school district. An inmate cannot legally provide consent to an employee of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections or any other law enforcement agency that has custody of the arrested person or inmate. In these cases, what seems like consensual sex between two adults is actually the crime of second degree rape. Such cases need to be handled delicately in order to protect the defendant's rights.

Other sex crimes seem more sinister, and their penalties include life in prison. Sex crimes against children and violent or forcible rape are crimes which are subject to the most vigorous prosecution and harshest penalties. If you have been charged with first degree rape, lewd acts with a minor, or other serious sex crime, you have likely been painted as a monster by your accuser, police, and prosecutors. We are here to help change that image. You are not a monster. You are a person in need of competent and wise legal counsel to help you make the best of a difficult situation. At Phillips & Associates, we can help.

Sex Offense Charges

In Oklahoma, a person may be accused of a sex crime even if he or she never touches another person. Sometimes, merely the attempt to solicit sex or the exchange of graphic pictures can be enough to put a person in prison and land him or her on the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry for life. As in many crimes, such as assault or embezzlement, the harshness of associated penalties depends upon the severity of the crime.

At Phillips & Associates, we handle every degree of state and federal sex offenses, and we have a strong record of successful outcomes in challenging sex crime cases. Our sex crime dismissals and acquittals have helped in making us one of the top criminal defense law firms in Oklahoma City.

Whether facing a misdemeanor charge for soliciting a prostitute or a felony rape charge, for many people the greatest consequence of a sex crime conviction is the social stigma that surrounds the offense. Accusation and conviction of a sex crime can devastate marriages, obliterate families, destroy personal relationships, and ruin careers. For those who are required to register as sex offenders, the punishment remains public, and it extends far beyond the completion of any jail or prison term.

Sex offender registration is not merely a state-level requirement for those convicted of sex crimes. It is a federal mandate under the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006. This act is intended "To protect children from sexual exploitation and violent crime, to prevent child abuse and child pornography, to promote Internet safety, and to honor the memory of Adam Walsh and other child crime victims." Title I of the act is the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, which outlines requirements for sex offender registration and delineates penalties for failure to comply.

Sex Offender Registration and notification is provided to the general public through the following links:

Sex Offender Representation in Oklahoma

When you need a sex crime lawyer in Oklahoma, turn to Phillips & Associates for their professionalism and success. We handle every case with discretion, and we treat every client with respect. We are dedicated to protecting the rights and liberties of criminal defendants in Oklahoma, and we are committed to providing the highest quality legal services and defense representation.

Your life is in upheaval. You don't know where to turn. You know that any small mistake can jeopardize your case. Do not try to handle this situation alone. Rely on the experience and expertise of the attorneys with Phillips & Associates. Call today for no-risk, confidential evaluation of your case .