Witness says OSU homecoming crash defendant "wanted to be free"

Last week, Payne County prosecutors handling the case of Adacia Avery Chambers, the young woman charged in the OSU homecoming parade crash that killed four and wounded dozens of others, filed court documents identifying 207 potential witnesses in the upcoming murder and assault trial.

Chambers was 25 years old when she drove into a crowd of spectators at the OSU homecoming parade last October. Witnesses say the woman was driving at "full throttle," sitting upright with both hands on the wheel, when she drove into the crowd and crashed her vehicle. Initially, the woman was arrested on a DUI complaint, but testing soon made it apparent that Chambers was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash.

Soon, the woman's mental health came into question. Her defense attorney uncovered a history of mental illness and hospitalization for mental illness, and he argued that his client was incompetent to stand trial.

A judge determined at a competency hearing that Chambers was, in fact, competent to understand the charges and assist in her own defense.

Investigators say that Chambers was suicidal at the time of the crash, and at least one witness's testimony seems to corroborate that. Court documents say witness Nathan Oglesby, a former EMT, was on the scene and attempted to assist Chambers immediately after the collision. Report say Oglesby banged on the window to get Chambers's attention, and he reportedly stated that she was responsive to him and was able to give him her entire name. Oglesby reportedly asked the woman what happened, and she replied that she wanted to kill herself and "be free."

Chambers is charged with four counts of second degree murder for "depraved indifference." She is additionally charged with 42 counts of assault and battery by means or force likely to produce death. She faces 10 years to life in prison on each murder count, and a maximum of life in prison for each assault count.

Her attorney says he intends to use her mental health or insanity in her defense. Chambers's trial is set for January 10.

Image credit: Oakley Originals