Two Arrested for Child Prostitution in Oklahoma City

Two people were arrested last week last weekend on charges of transporting a minor for the purpose of prostitution.  When they were arrested, the man and woman accused of pimping an underage girl had six children in the car with them.

Reports of Child Prostitution

Police arrived at an Oklahoma City truck stop when a truck driver called 911 to report that a 16-year-old girl knocked on the window of his truck to ask him if he wanted "company."  When officers stopped the vehicle to which the girl returned after the truck driver refused her offer, they found a man and woman in the car with six children, aged 9 to 17. 

The woman, a transient, claimed to be the mother of four of the children and the aunt to two others.  Police said it was not immediately clear if all of the children were being used as prostitutes.  The children were taken into state custody, and the adults were booked into the Oklahoma County jail.

Trafficking & Solicitation

The Oklahoma City case is only the latest instance of child prostitution in the news.  Earlier this month, a man in a neighboring state was sentenced in federal court to 10 years without parole for attempted commercial sex trafficking of a child.  His case opened an undercover investigation into child prostitution, which netted seven defendants in the federal child prostitution case. 

The U.S. attorney's office reported that officials placed Internet ads for underage prostitutes, and when the defendants showed up to the undercover location and paid cash for a child prostitute, they were arrested. In Oklahoma, lewd acts with a minor, statutory rape, and internet sex crimes including solicitation of a minor, are all very serious offenses

An Oklahoma sex crime attorney understands the consequences of conviction, including  hefty prison sentences and lifetime sex offender registration.  Those charged with these crimes need the immediate help of an experienced Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyer to challenge the charges.