Trial Lawyer Oklahoma City Representation

Not everyone who requires legal assistance will require trial lawyer representation.  This is because there are many different reasons why a person may require an attorney, such as for real estate, divorce, adoption, estate planning, small businesses, etc., where going to trial is simply not required. 

However, when it comes to legal issues regarding crime and determining a person’s guilt or innocence, a trial may be necessary.  When a person is accused of a serious crime, the grand jury determines whether or not there is enough evidence to bring the accused to trial. 

If it is agreed that there is sufficient evidence that the suspect should be held accountable for the crime, the case then moves to a trial.  At this point, a judge and jury, consisting of 12 people, will decide whether or not the suspected individual is guilty of the charges based on the evidence produced. The vast majority of serious crimes fall into two main groups – misdemeanors and felonies.   

A misdemeanor is usually when the punishment is for a year or less in prison, while a felony is when imprisonment is for longer than a single year.  Criminal offenses that are punishable by fine only are not typically seen as crimes and are usually considered infractions.  However, a person can still be charged with a misdemeanor and yet only pay a fine. 

Thus, it depends entirely on the specific situation.  Anyone who is charged with a crime and there is a good chance that their case may go to court, needs to find themselves a good lawyer.  Here’s what one should keep in mind when looking for the right lawyer that will provide them with the best representation:

Only search for lawyers who specialize in your area of the law.  For instance, if you are being charged with assault and battery, look for an attorney who is experienced in dealing with these cases.

  1. Pick at least 5 different lawyers and consult with each of them first before making your selection.  Do not sign anything during your consultation and remember that anything you say to them must be keep confidential regardless if you end up choosing them or not.
  2. Make sure that the lawyer you select has court room experience!  This is incredibly important.  You don’t want to choose a legal representative who has never been to trial before.
  3. Obtain the best attorney you can afford.  Your life and freedom is worth it!

How Much Should Legal Representation Cost

As with most things, you get what you pay for in terms of attorneys and their qualifications.  More experienced lawyers charge higher rates because they have a track record of success.  They are confident in their ability to win cases for their clients and their fees reflect this.  

If you're facing serious charges your best option is to hire the best attorney you can afford.  In fact you might even consider one that you can't afford if it's going to save you from jail time and substantial fines.  

Less experienced attorneys will offer lower hourly rates, but they have less experience to draw from and therefore you could face stiffer penalties.  For more information on hiring a lawyer click here.