Target Recalls Children's Pajamas

Target Corporation, in cooperation with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, has recalled more than 600,000 pairs of children's pajamas after discovering that the sleepwear failed to meet federal flammability standards for children's pajamas.  Affected in the recall are certain Circo and Xhilaration two-piece pajama sets and Circo girls' fleece pajamas.  No injuries have been reported in association with these pajamas. The retailer has recalled 560,000 pair of Circo and Xhilaration two-piece pajama sets because they do not meet the "tight-fitting" requirement for children's pajamas.  The CPSC release describes the specific pajamas affected by the recall: This recall involves Target Circo and Xhilaration children's cotton or cotton/fleece two-piece pajama sets. They were sold in infant and toddler sizes 12M, 2T, 3T, 4T and 5T, and in girls and boys sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. There are a variety of colors and designs, including stars, dots, skulls, peace signs, cats, owls, footballs and camouflage. To see a complete list of item numbers included in this recall, visit the firm's website. The item number is located on a tag on the shirt's side seam and on the pants at the waist. A tag printed on the neck of the pajamas states "Circo" or "Xhilaration", "Wear snug-fitting not flame resistant" and the item number. The pajamas were also sold with a yellow hangtag that states, "For child's safety, garment should fit snugly. This garment is not flame resistant. Loose-fitting garment is more likely to catch fire."     Additionally, Target is recalling certain Circo girls' pajamas, also for violation of federal flammability standards.  These one-piece zippered fleece pajamas were sold in sizes from infants' size 12 months to children's size XL.  Specific lot numbers for the affected pajamas are available on the CPSC recall notice. [caption id="attachment_1557" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Image Credit:[/caption] The Consumer Products Safety Commission's children's sleepwear regulations can be found in the Standards for the Flammability of Children’s Sleepwear, 16 C.F.R. Parts 1615 & 1616.  Children's sleepwear must be tight fitting and must be flame resistant, with fabrick self-extinguishing if a flame causes it to catch fire.  To meet the "tight fitting" requirement, clothing must be sized according to specific dimensions; to meet the flame-resistant requirement, fabric and seams from a specified number of garments must be tested by applying a gas flame to the bottom edge of the fabric and measuring the char length. Children's sleepwear standards also include federal regulation of marketing of these garments:

Retailers, distributors and wholesalers of children’s sleepwear (including infant sleepwear (sized 9 months and under) and tight fitting sleepwear) should
(1) not advertise, promote, or sell as children’s sleepwear, any garment which another party has indicated does not meet the requirements of the children’s sleepwear flammability standards and/or are not intended or suitable for use as sleepwear;
(2) place or advertise fabrics and garments covered by the children’s sleepwear standards in different parts of a department, store, catalog, or web site, from those in which fabrics and garments which may resemble but are not children’s sleepwear are sold or marketed;
(3) use store display signs, and/or catalog or web site notations that point out the difference between different types of fabrics and garments, for example, by indicating which are sleepwear items and which are not; and
(4) avoid advertising or promoting garments or fabrics that do not comply with the children’s sleepwear standards in a manner that may cause consumers to view those items as children’s sleepwear or as being suitable for making such sleepwear.
If your child is injured by a product which fails to meet federal safety standards, you may be able to obtain compensation from the manufacturers and retailers responsible for making, advertising, and/or selling the unsafe product.