Sword-Wielding Robber Makes off with 12-Pack at Oklahoma City Store

Generally, when one considers armed robbery, one thinks of a gun as the weapon involved.  While firearms are the most common weapon used in an armed robbery, any number of instruments can be considered weapons under Oklahoma Law. 

Knives, nunchuks, brass knuckles, baseball bats, and even cars can be considered weapons in Oklahoma violent crime.  Sometimes, the details of these violent crimes are so bizarre they leave police, prosecutors, and defense lawyers scratching their heads, wondering, "What were they thinking?"

One such bizarre tale came out of Oklahoma City last week.  An armed robber stormed into an 7-Eleven convenience store.  One might think that the robber brandished a gun and demanded money from the register and safe.  However, neither element in this case is true.  Rather, the weapon involved was a "curved, Arabian-type sword," and the loot was nothing more than a twelve-pack of beer. 

Now, police are looking for the suspect who will face felony charges of armed robbery, all for a dozen beers valued at less than $20. A few additional details make this story even more odd, and make the perpetrator eligible for a guest spot on America's Dumbest Criminals. 

In the incident, the robber walked into the convenience store, grabbed the beer, and attempted to leave without paying.  When he was confronted by the store clerk, he pulled the sword.  The clerk stood back to protect himself, and the thief left the store . . . hitting himself in the head with the sword on the way out.  To make the robbery even more ridiculous, the suspect is a regular at the store.

For those keeping count at home, this brings the stupid elements of this robbery to:

  1. One Aladdin sword
  2. One twelve-pack of beer
  3. One self head-smack with said sword
  4. One robbery of a place where the perp is well known
One wonders how many 12-packs the sword-wielding robber had already consumed before attempting this stunt.