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By Dustin Phillips on
February 17, 2012
December 31, 2019

A Spanish teacher at Putnam City High School was arrested earlier this week following allegations that she had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old male student. �Lisa Kays, 46, was booked into jail on Monday on five complaints of rape and forcible oral sodomy in Oklahoma County. She was released on bail the same day. �Though the alleged victim was above the age of consent in Oklahoma, it is important to remember that Oklahoma sex crime laws criminalize a relationship between a student and a teacher, administrator, or employee of the school district.Putnam City Schools campus police were informed of the alleged relationship between Kays and her student when an anonymous tipster sent an email through a program designed to allow individuals to report safety concerns and criminal actions relating to the district's students and employees. �After the tip was received on February 7, campus police spoke with the alleged victim and his parents. �Initially, the student denied the allegations, saying that, though he had a close relationship with his teacher, so did several other students. �After further interviews, however, the student claimed to have had a sexual relationship with the teacher, taking place both on campus and off campus. �Interviews with other students seemed to confirm a relationship between the teacher and her student.Lisa Kays's husband filed for divorce less than three weeks before the anonymous tip was sent to campus police.Kays is currently on paid administrative leave pending the investigation of allegations of sex abuse. �It is always important to remember that any person accused of a sex crime in Oklahoma is to be considered innocent unless he or she is proven guilty. �In this case, an Oklahoma City rape lawyer may be able to demonstrate that the evidence thus far is based on word of mouth: �an anonymous tip, an alleged victim whose story changed after repeated interviews, and the gossip of teenagers at the school. �The prosecution may be further complicated by the divorce filing. �In some cases, sexual misconduct is falsely alleged to gain the upper hand in divorce proceedings or to seek vengeance in a bitter dispute.In earlier times, it seemed that sexual relationships or sexual abuse between teachers and students generally dealt with a male perpetrator. �Since Mary Kay Letourneau made headlines in 1997 for her relationship with sixth-grade student Vili Fualaau, more and more female teachers have been accused of sexual relationships with students. �Sex crime defense attorneys in Oklahoma City and across the nation are seeing more and more women accused of sex crimes against minors. � Those accused should seek immediate legal counsel from an experienced attorney to preserve their rights during an investigation and trial.


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