Road Rage Leads to Violent Assault near Oklahoma City

A little over seven months ago, 29-year-old Jasen Yousif was gunned down in a northwest Oklahoma City Target parking lot in an apparent road rage incident. David Bloebaum, 57, has been ordered to stand trial on a first degree murder charge. Prosecutors say that Bloebaum baited Yousif to his car, pulled a gun, and shot him five times as the younger man tried to back away. Bloebaum's legal team, however, says that the defendant acted in self defense when he was approached by Yousif, who was carrying a knife. Now, another violent road rage incident has taken place in a metro-area parking lot. Police are looking for a man who they say slashed the throat of an Oklahoma City man in the parking lot of a Warr Acres Buy for Less grocery store. The victim, Zack Pierson, told police that on Friday morning, he dropped his wife at the entrance of the grocery store and went to park his car. A motorcycle pulled up beside him and an irate motorcyclist began screaming profanities at him and accused him of cutting him off in traffic. Pierson said he did not realize that he had cut the man off nor that the motorcycle had followed him into the parking lot. [caption id="attachment_1967" align="alignleft" width="226"]oklahoma assault lawyer Warr Acres Police Sketch: Road Rage Suspect[/caption] Pierson said he exited his car and told the angry man to calm down. The motorcyclist told Pierson not to come any closer, saying that if he did, he would "be done." The victim says the man then pulled a knife with his finger against the blade and "hooked" him, slashing his throat from his ear nearly to his jugular. Pierson was transported to OU Medical Center where doctors determined that the wound cut an artery and a neck tendon. The would was cauterized and required twenty stitches. The victim told police and reporters he feels lucky to be alive. Police are looking for the assailant, described as a thin, pale white man approximately 5'11" or 6 feet tall. Pierson says the man had a slender nose and a "typical biker look." He was wearing a bandanna and riding a motorcycle with a burnt orange fuel tank. The assailant had a female passenger, but the victim was unable to provide a description. In a typical assault case, the attacker and the victim know each other. Domestic abuse and bullying are two major categories of assault. However, there are many types of assault in which a person is injured by a stranger. A bar fight may be one example, and violent road rage is another. If a driver exhibits signs of aggression, it is best not to engage him or her. While you may not have intentionally provoked a driver's road rage, do not do anything to further stoke his or her anger. If an angry driver follows you, drive to the nearest police station or call police for assistance. As Zack Pierson and Jasen Yousif learned, a public area may not be enough to deter a violent, deadly temper.