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By Dustin Phillips on
August 12, 2014
December 31, 2019

A mother in southwest Oklahoma City is upset after finding out that the church she attends allowed a registered sex offender to participate in a children's event. The woman says that she observed Dale Robin Hoffert, Jr., in video that her son took at the Children's Crusade at the church.Hoffert was convicted of two counts of forcible oral sodomy in 2007 and was given a 10 year sentence with 2 years suspended. He was released from prison in June, and his current residence is listed as Hand Up Ministries, a mobile home park for sex offenders.The pastor of the church said that Hoffert, the church's former youth minister, was allowed to participate but was never left alone or unsupervised with any children. He said that his church welcomes all, and that Hoffert has paid his debt to society. The minister said that the church is intended to "help lost souls."The angry mother says she does not have a problem with the registered sex offender being allowed to attend the church; however, she feels that it is inappropriate to allow a man with a history of sex crimes against minors to attend and participate in children's events.Indeed, Hoffert does have a history of sexual abuse. Not only is Dale Robin Hoffert, Jr., a registered sex offender, but so is his father--and his mother.Dale Hoffert, Sr., was charged in 1999 with multiple counts of sexual abuse of a child, indecent exposure, child abuse, physically harming a child, and permitting sexual abuse to occur. All counts except one count of sexual abuse of a child were dismissed at the request of the state. He was convicted of child sexual abuse, given a 10-year suspended sentence, and required to register as a sex offender for life.Thyla Hoffert was charged with permitting sexual abuse to occur. She was given a 5-year deferred sentence and ordered to attend parenting classes. Her attorney filed a motion that she should not be ordered to register under the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registration Act, but that motion was overruled, and she was ordered to register as a sex offender for life.Publicly available court records do not specify that Dale Hoffert, Jr., was the victim of his parents' sex crimes. However, it is not uncommon that victims of sexual abuse continue the cycle of abuse as they get older. While most victims of sexual abuse do not grow up to be sex offenders, research shows that as many as 30 percent of sex offenders were victims of sex abuse themselves.


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