When to Protect Yourself with a Criminal Defense Attorney

The purpose of criminal defense lawyers is to represent individuals or companies that are charged with a crime.  These professionals defend their clients to ensure that their rights are upheld; that they receive a fair trial and do everything they can to make certain that the final verdict is the best possible outcome for the defendant for the circumstances. 

Your Defense Lawyer's Role

In other words, it is a criminal attorney’s duty to presume the innocence of their client until the prosecutor can prove each vital element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. A federal criminal defense lawyer deals with the many issues that surround their clients in view of the Fourth Amendment, such as apprehension, searching of client property and arrests. 

They also deal with any statements their client could have made in view of the Fifth Amendment.  They provide those who have been accused of a criminal offense with the protection they need, which is why it is very important that you obtain a lawyer that specializes in criminal law if you are ever charged with a crime. Although it is vital to obtain the assistance of a criminal attorney, you need to make sure you choose the best representation you can afford. 

Experience With Your Type of Case

There are many professionals out there, but not all of them are experienced or will work with your best interests at heart.  Depending on how serious the charges are you are facing (i.e. a felony), you won’t want to leave your fate and freedom in the hands of a fresh law school graduate or a legal representative who has little or no trial experience.  Therefore, you need to make sure you thoroughly investigate your options and consult with more than one lawyer that specializes in criminal defense.

Public vs Private Attorneys

When you begin investigating attorneys what you will discover is that there are those who are employed by the government entities, including the federal government, states and counties.  These individuals are often called public defenders.   In addition, there are private defense lawyers. 

One is not necessarily better than the other, which is why it is imperative that you carefully take everyone you can afford into serious consideration before making your selection.

What you need to keep in mind is that good attorneys are those who consider every approach, explore all theories and pursue every ethical tactic under the law as they analyze the case of their client’s.  They are one hundred percent committed to protecting the interests of those they represent. To have an experienced Defense Attorney review your case at no cost to you, visit our website at Phillips & Associates, or call us at (405) 418-8888.