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By Dustin Phillips on
February 15, 2011
February 5, 2020

An Oklahoma man who designs, manufactures, and sells prosthetic devices and orthotic has been accused of bilking Medicare and Medicaid of more than $5.5 million.  A federal grand jury indicted Lance E. Faulkner, 44, on complaints of health care fraud in Oklahoma City.

Medicare & Medicaid Fraud

Faulkner, of Tecumseh, is owner of Heartland Orthotic Prosthetic Lab in Shawnee, where he designs, manufactures, and sells prosthetic limbs.  He is accused of billing Medicare and Medicaid using the names of physicians who never saw his clients nor issued prescriptions for their prosthetic devices.

Furthermore, he is alleged to have committed Medicaid fraud and Medicare Fraud in Oklahoma by billing the agencies for prosthesis that his patients never received or for more expensive prosthesis than they received. Faulkner filed for bankruptcy in 1999 because he claimed he was unable to pay $45,000 in debt.

Between January 2006 and June 2010, he is alleged to have defrauded Medicaid of over $600,000 and Medicaid of nearly $5 million. Legal consequences of health care fraud are severe.  Faulkner will need the assistance of a skilled Oklahoma City fraud lawyer to help defend him against the charges and help him avoid maximum penalties. If convicted on all counts of health care fraud, Faulkner faces:

  • up to 10 years in prison
  • up to $250,000 fine
  • restitution of the $5.5 million he is alleged to have obtained fraudulently
  • forfeiture of any property or assets purchased with the illegally obtained funds

Some people see nonviolent offenses such as white collar crime as victim less crimes.  For these people, who would never willingly harm an individual, it seems to be easier to take advantage of a faceless business or corporation.

Medicare Fraud Defense Strategies

This is particularly true if the accused is suffering personal financial difficulty.  If you have engaged in a commercial activity that you suspect may be illegal, cease the activity and contact an Oklahoma white collar defense lawyer as soon as possible.  It is possible that you may discover the activity is perfectly legitimate.

If not, your attorney can advise you on how to proceed for the best possible outcome.  If you are already being investigated for white collar crime,  or if you have been accused of a crime, contact a fraud attorney immediately for the protection of your rights and to build a solid strategy for your defense.


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