Oklahoma Teacher Resigns Amid Allegations of Exploitation

An Oklahoma elementary teacher has resigned from her duties in the midst of an investigation that she may have sexually exploited some of her third grade students.  Kimberly Crain, 47, of Shawnee, is accused of taking inappropriate photographs and video of some of her female students at McCloud Elementary school in Pottawatomie County.  In addition, she is accused of having students Skype (online video calls and chats) with an older man referred to only as "Uncle G" during school several times a week.  If enough evidence is obtained during the investigation, Crain could be charged with Oklahoma sex crimes or even Federal sex crimes such as production, distribution, or possession of child pornography. It is important to remember that at this time, Crain has not been charged with child pornography in Oklahoma or any other state or federal sex offense.  Though a search warrant has been granted and property has been seized from Crain's home, she has not been arrested or charged with any crime.  The probable cause affidavit and search warrant are based on police interviews with third grade students allegedly involved in the case. According to a police affidavit, the parents of one alleged victim informed police that their daughter told them that Crain took inappropriate photos and videos of the girls at a pizza party at her home.  They said that when they asked their daughter if she had fun at the pizza party, she told them that Crain had each of the girls change into Christmas-themed bras and panties that she provided and took pictures of them decorating a Christmas tree and performing a cheer dance routine they made up.  The affidavit states that two of the girls felt uncomfortable wearing the bras and panties, and instead tried to wear the panties with t-shirts.  Crain allegedly made them change out of the t-shirts. About a week after this incident was reported to police, parents of another girl reported to police that their daughter, who was in Crain's class, told them that the teacher took cell phone pictures of certain girls in the class posing on desks and in chairs and had them Skype with "Uncle G" three or four times a week. Based on these interviews, a search warrant was granted, and several electronic devices, including three laptops, an iPod, a USB drive, and a portable hard drive, were confiscated from the suspect's home. Being suspected of impropriety with children can jeopardize any career, but for someone who makes a living working with children, such allegations are devastating.  If one is accused of the sexual abuse or sexual exploitation of children, it is imperative that he or she hires a skilled Oklahoma sex crime lawyer, not only for criminal defense, but also for protection of constitutional rights during the investigation. EDIT:  After the publication of this post, Kimberly Crain was arrested on complaints of lewd acts with a minor and child pornography in Oklahoma.  Police allegedly discovered deleted photographs of nude girls on  her Crain's seized cell phone as well as pictures of girls in sexually suggestive poses.