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By Dustin Phillips on
November 16, 2013
December 31, 2019

A Midwest City High School computer teacher and assistant football coach was charged in Oklahoma County District Court with sexual battery after a student accused him of touching her inappropriately.Dewayne Williams, 40, was listed on the Midwest City High School website as teacher in the business department and an assistant Bombers football coach when a local newspaper ran the story of his charge; however, within a few hours, his name was removed from both faculty listings on the website.According to Mid-Del Public Schools spokeswoman Stacey Boyer, Williams, who has been employed by Mid-Del Schools since 2007, is has been on administrative leave since October 18 and will remain on leave until his resignation for "personal reasons" takes effect on December 20.A 16-year-old student accused Williams of groping and fondling her when she went to his room to ask for a piece of gum. The girl says that she stopped by his room on October 15 and that Williams hugged her and slapped her on the buttocks. She says she went to a room on a later date, and the teacher hugged her, placed his hands on her buttocks, pulled her into the classroom and closed the blinds and began to fondle her, stroking her thigh and trying to look down her underpants.Williams, who has not been arrested, denies the charges. He says the student came by the room, got a stick of gum, and then left. He says that it is not unusual for him to hug the girl, because they have known each other for a couple of years.Once again, it is important to remember that an accusation alone is not an indication of guilt. While there are certainly teachers who abuse their positions and take advantage of or sexually abuse students, there are also teachers who are falsely accused by students, either out of spite for bad grades or some other perceived mistreatment or out of vindictiveness when a teacher spurns the advances of a student with a crush.Oklahoma's sexual battery law is found in 21 O.S. § 1123, the same statute that outlines lewd acts with minors and necrophilia. The statute defines sexual battery as follows:"'Sexual battery' shall mean the intentional touching, mauling or feeling of the body or private parts of any person sixteen (16) years of age or older, in a lewd and lascivious manner:1. Without the consent of that person;2. When committed by a state, county, municipal or political subdivision employee or a contractor or an employee of a contractor of the state, a county, a municipality or political subdivision of this state upon a person who is under the legal custody, supervision or authority of a state agency, a county, a municipality or a political subdivision of this state; or3. When committed upon a person who is at least sixteen (16) years of age and is less than twenty (20) years of age and is a student, or in the legal custody or supervision of any public or private elementary or secondary school, or technology center school, by a person who is eighteen (18) years of age or older and is an employee of the same school system that the victim attends."Typically, sexual battery is intentional and unwanted physical contact that falls short of rape or sodomy which is committed for the sexual gratification of the perpetrator. However, if a teacher has sexual contact with a student aged 16-19, that student is considered a victim of sexual battery regardless of apparent consent. If the physical contact occurs with a victim aged 15 or younger, the crime is charged as Lewd or Indecent Proposals or Acts to a Child under 16.Sexual battery is a felony punishable by a maximum of 10 years in prison. It is considered a Level 3 sex offense, which means anyone convicted of sexual battery must register as a sex offender for life, providing address verification to local law enforcement every 90 days.Read more about Oklahoma sexual battery laws, �or contact us to speak confidentially with a lawyer about sexual battery defense.


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