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By Dustin Phillips on
March 17, 2011
December 31, 2019

The dismissal of the Oklahoma rape charge against Kevin Rowland, former chief investigator for the state medical examiner's office brings an end to his ordeal battling sex crime accusations.

Long Battle Against Sex Crimes Charges

In 2009 and 2010, Rowland was charged with sexual battery in Oklahoma City and sexual battery and rape in Tulsa. He was not convicted of any of the accusations, lending credence to the assertion of his Oklahoma sex crimes defense lawyers that Rowland was the victim of a "political witch hunt."

He claims the charges against Rowland came only after he angered legislators by suggesting the Tulsa location of the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office be shut down.

In May, Rowland was acquitted of sexual battery against a male co-worker, in which he allegedly grabbed the man's chest. While prosecutors said Rowland was on an "erotic power trip," the jury found that the former investigator was guilty of nothing more than "horseplay."

Jurors noted that Rowland's accuser sent him racy emails of topless women both before and after the alleged incident of sexual battery and also found that no sexual intent or gratification was present in the action for which Rowland was charged.

At the time of his acquittal on the Oklahoma City sexual battery charge, district attorneys were dropping a sexual battery charge in Tulsa and replacing it with a rape charge--the case which was dismissed last week. In the Tulsa rape case, Rowland was accused of raping a female co-worker in a Tulsa hotel in 2006. She told investigators that she repeatedly told Rowland, "No," but he proceeded to rape her.

The married Rowland maintained that he never even met the woman at the hotel. His Oklahoma rape lawyer planned to question the accuser's credibility, since she admitted to having never reported the alleged rape to police, the M.E.'s office, the OSBI, or a grand jury. She says she first told a prosecutor about the rape in February 2010, several years after the alleged incident, and only after other charges against Rowland were being pursued.

The woman recently decided not to pursue the case, citing health reasons, and the Tulsa rape case was dismissed. The beleaguered Rowland says that now that the ordeal is behind him, he wishes to focus on rebuilding his family and finding a job.


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