Oklahoma Motorcycle Accidents Claim Lives in May

Spring weather always leads to an increase in motorcycles on Oklahoma roadways.  With the mild spring we have enjoyed this year, motorcyclists are out in great numbers.  Unfortunately for many of these riders, recreation turns to tragedy as a result of rider inexperience or inattentive passenger vehicle drivers.  For those injured riding four-wheelers or other all-terrain vehicles, accidents are often the result of ATV defects.  When someone is injured or killed in a motorcycle accident or ATV accident, an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer can be a vital resource for victims and grieving family members striving to obtain compensation for their injuries or losses. This May, at least six people have died in Oklahoma motorcycle accidents, and at least one man was killed in an ATV accident:

  • Richard McElroy, 22, of Disney, died when his motorcycle left the roadway and struck a concrete culvert, throwing him from the bike.
  • Jim McNeil, 55, of Wewoka, died of injuries sustained when his motorcycle struck a pickup making a left turn.
  • Timothy Beavers, 38, of Tulsa, was killed when he crashed his motorcycle while attempting to exit the interstate.
  • John Kelley, 24, of Stilwell, died of massive injuries after his motorcycle struck a pickup before hitting a mailbox and stop sign.
  • David McReary, 38, of Arkansas City, Kansas, died when the ATV he was riding hit uneven ground in a Kay County riverbed, throwing him from the vehicle.
  • Craig Beavers, 60, of Alva, was killed when he crashed his motorcycle into an SUV that was attempting to make a left turn in front of him.
  • Leisa Beavers, 49, of Alva, was a passenger on the motorcycle of Craig Beavers, and was killed in the same accident.
These fatal accidents are only a small fraction of the more than 1600 motorcycle accidents in Oklahoma each year.  More than seventy-five percent of all Oklahoma motorcycle accidents result in personal injury to the accident victims.  Oklahoma motorcycle accident lawyers can help those injured in motorcycle accidents recover financial compensation from those responsible for the accident.  For family members of those killed in accidents involving motorcycles, an attorney can file a wrongful death claim to help the family achieve financial compensation for burial expenses, lost income, and more. Oklahoma motorcycle accident attorneys encourage motorcyclists to ride safely, and they encourage all drivers to stay aware and watch for motorcycles.  If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, please call  for a free consultation to see how a personal injury lawyer can help you.