Oklahoma Marijuana Cultivation is Feeling the Heat

Trying to grow marijuana in Oklahoma can have marijuana cultivators feeling the heat in more ways than one.   Just ask any Oklahoma City Drug Lawyer:  Oklahoma's drug laws are among the harshest in the nation, carrying stiff penalties for even simple possession charges.  Marijuana cultivation in Oklahoma is a felony drug charge which, with minimum sentencing requirements, can lead to life in prison even for a first offense. However, with this season's record temperatures and extreme drought, the legal consequences of marijuana cultivation aren't the only challenge for growers.  According to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, most of the marijuana plants they have found during investigative fly0vers are in bad condition, withering in the blistering heat of Oklahoma's hottest recorded summer.  A spokesman for the agency says that many marijuana patches have simply been abandoned, with the heat foiling attempts to keep the crop going.  However, he reports that there are a few complex operations that are resulting in healthy marijuana crops.  Last week, drug agents discovered a well-cultivated, thoroughly irrigated crop of 1,900 marijuana plants near Foyil in Rogers County.  With the extreme temperatures and lack of rainfall, though, such well-tended crops are the exception rather than the rule this summer. Another twist the drought has added to this year's annual aerial patrol is that once agents discover a marijuana crop, the burn ban prevents them from disposing of the contraband plants in the way they normally would.  With a burn ban in effect, Oklahoma drug agents can't burn a marijuana field.  Rather, they are confiscating the plants and storing them until conditions are safe for burning. Of course, marijuana cultivation isn't the only marijuana-related drug offense.  In Norman last week, Cleveland County sheriff's deputies seized $17,000 worth of marijuana in a convenience store parking lot.  Two men were arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute.  Drug possession for sale in Oklahoma is a felony offense with mandatory minimum sentencing and a possible consequence of life in prison. If you are facing charges of drug possession, marijuana cultivation, or possession with intent to sell, contact an experienced Oklahoma drug crime lawyer who can evaluate your case and explain your options for defense.