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By Dustin Phillips on
November 22, 2011
December 31, 2019

Oklahoma personal injury attorneys help injured victims obtain financial compensation from injuries resulting from someone else's negligence. �In some cases, a defective product may lead to the death of its user; in wrongful death cases, surviving dependents may file suit seeking compensation for financial and emotional damages resulting from the death of their loved one. �Among the most unfortunate and tragic personal injury cases are those involving children. �Oklahoma child injury lawyers will be closely monitoring the outcome of a recently filed lawsuit pertaining to the school playground death of an Oklahoma fourth grader.Cathy Collins, the mother of the girl suffering a fatal head injury in a playground accident, filed suit last month against the manufacturer of the playground equipment involved in the accident, the local retailer which sold the product to the school, and the Wyandotte School District.Collins's daughter, Alyssa Avila, was only nine years old when she fell from the X-Wave, a piece of playground equipment similar to a teeter-totter. �The X-Wave moves in multiple sections and can seat up to twenty children at a time. �In the accident, Alyssa fell from the X-Wave and was apparently unharmed. �However, as she was getting up, a section of the X-Wave came down and struck her on the head. �Alyssa was in full cardiac arrest when she was transported from the school, and she died of severe concussion at Integris Baptist Regional Health Center in Miami, Oklahoma.After the accident, Wyandotte Elementary School dismantled the X-Wave and placed it in a secure storage area. �Several other Oklahoma school districts also removed similar equipment from their playgrounds. �However, Xccent, Inc., maker of the X-Wave, still lists the dangerous equipment as available on its website.Cathy Collins's �personal injury lawyer holds Xccent, Inc., accountable for the defective design of the X-Wave. �The lawsuit further claims that Noah's Parks and Playgrounds of Edmond, Oklahoma, failed to provide adequate product warnings and precautions to purchasers including the Wyandotte School District. �The lawsuit also alleges that the Wyandotte School District failed to install the recommended minimum amount of mulch and/or other safety surface material around the X-Wave.Accidents can happen anywhere, even on school playgrounds, and even in the first days of school. �If the accident occurs as a result of a defective or dangerous product, the designer, manufacturer, retailer, installer, and others can be held financially accountable for any injuries that result. �If your child has been injured as a result of a daycare accident, playing with a dangerous toy, or in an accident on defective equipment, contact an Oklahoma child injury attorney who can help you seek justice and financial compensation from those responsible for your child's suffering.


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