Oklahoma City Sex Crime Lawyers

The Oklahoma Criminal Defense blog has often discussed how a person accused of a crime is persecuted and vilified even before his or her case reaches trial and before any verdict is reached.  This is particularly true in allegations of sex crimes.  

Oklahoma sex crime lawyers, however, are committed to defending the accused against any criminal charges.  Their mission is to uphold the legal, constitutional rights of the accused--including the right to skilled legal counsel and the right to a fair trial.  

While prosecutors, police, and the general public may forget about the accused's basic rights in the heat of accusations of criminal sexual conduct, Oklahoma sex crimes attorneys are always aware that their clients are to be considered innocent unless and until their guilt is proven in a court of law.

What Cases Does an Oklahoma Sex Crime Lawyer Handle?

Oklahoma sex crimes range from sexual battery--which may include groping or non-consensual touching for sexual gratification--to first degree rape.

Sex crime attorneys in Oklahoma provide legal representation and criminal defense for the following criminal charges:

  • Computer Sex Crimes (online solicitation of minors, child pornography, sexting, and other internet sex crimes)
  • Indecent or Lewd Proposals to a Minor
  • Indecent or Lewd Acts with a Minor
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Sexual Battery
  • Rape (first degree rape, second degree rape, statutory rape, rape by instrumentation, forcible sodomy, forcible oral sodomy)
Being accused of any of these state or federal sex crimes can lead to the ultimate destruction of one's personal relationships, professional reputation, livelihood, and lifestyle.  For those convicted, prison sentences are often quite lengthy, with many Oklahoma sex crimes punishable by life in prison.  Upon completion of any prison sentences, many individuals are required to register for ten years to life as an Oklahoma Sex Offender, a designation which significantly restricts one's freedoms.
How Do I Find a Sex Crime Defense Lawyer in Oklahoma City?
When looking for the right Oklahoma City sex crime lawyer to handle your defense, it is critical to find an attorney who is experienced at handling cases similar to yours.  Consider whether a prospective criminal defense attorney has represented clients accused of sex crimes, and whether those cases went to trial.  Evaluate the attorney's success record as a trial attorney. Most Oklahoma City criminal defense attorneys offer a free consultation.  At your initial evaluation, your prospective lawyer can gain meaningful insight into your case and begin to formulate your defense options, and you can assess your rapport with the attorney and your confidence in his or her ability to successfully handle your defense. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced, successful Oklahoma City sex crimes lawyer, contact our law firm at (405) 418-8888.