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By Dustin Phillips on
August 19, 2013
December 31, 2019

An Oklahoma City man diagnosed with schizophrenia and obsessed with former Disney star Selena Gomez has been arrested after allegedly murdering four family members, including his teenaged niece and infant nephew.

Last Wednesday night, a relative found the bodies of Sallie Green, 57; her daughter Rebecca Cizek, 34; and Cizek's children, Katherine "Kat" Cizek, 16, and Amario "Trey" Dominguez III, 7 months. The state medical examiner's office reports that at least two of the victims, Green and Dominguez, died of gunshot wounds to the head.

After the discovery of the bodies, police began a search for Daniel Green, 40, son of Sallie Green and brother of Rebecca Cizek. They told nearby convenience store clerks to notify them if anyone matching Green's description came in, and Green was apprehended near a convenience store. Police say that while Green did not say he shot his family, he said he might have "emptied a magazine on them."

He says he blacked out, but that when he came to, the magazine was empty. Green is a diagnosed schizophrenic, and his father says that he believes his son is capable of murder. Raymond Green told police that, although he kept guns in the house, his firearms were locked up and inaccessible to his son. However, he said that Rebecca Cizek owned a .380 semi-automatic handgun that was hidden in the attic. Daniel Green had a .380 in his possession when he was arrested.

The Mayo Clinic defines schizophrenia as "a group of severe brain disorders in which people interpret reality abnormally. Schizophrenia may result in some combination of hallucinations, delusions, and disordered thinking and behavior." Green's Facebook page certainly demonstrates his mental illness and his inability to distinguish between fact and reality. H

is posts are almost exclusively dedicated to Selena Gomez, and they demonstrate his infatuation with the actress. He calls her his "one true love," and his posts indicate that he believes that she actually communicates with him.

While he typically fawns over her or writes sexually explicit messages to her, he often becomes quite angry with her. In one post, he accuses her of doing drugs and laughing at him for drinking "a pint of gin every day." He writes, "don't talk too me you [expletive] ever again, your true love danny!!!!"

His posts also discuss his mental illness, saying that his "mentally disfunctioned mind" thinks of things like necrophilia, and he begs "please people i need help geeting some better medication from my doctor." In a post dated January 31, he apologizes for "kill[ing] some people."

Police say that Green told them he had to get away from his family because they kept him from being with his "one true love." Although the insanity defense is seldom used and even more seldom successful, it is designed to protect both the general public and the mentally ill who commit violent acts.

Oklahoma uses the M'Naghten Rule as a standard of insanity--whether or not the perpetrator of a crime understood the nature of his actions and whether or not he knew the difference between right and wrong. The burden of proof lies on the prosecution to prove that the defendant is sane, rather than on the defense to prove the defendant is insane. In this case, with the documented schizophrenia and the Facebook page demonstrating a detachment from reality, it seems logical that Green's attorneys may consider an affirmative defense and a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.


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