Oklahoma City Father Jailed for Abusing Infant

An Oklahoma City man has been arrested after reportedly admitting to throwing his 3-month-old son into a wall.

On Tuesday, an Oklahoma City police officer responded to OU Children's hospital in response to a case of possible child abuse. According to hospital staff, a 3-month-old boy was taken to a local hospital from an apartment in Oklahoma City, then transferred in critical condition to the children's hospital.

Upon examination of the infant, a doctor determined that the baby had bruising from “non-accidental impact to the front and back of his head."

Police determined that the child's father, Deion Michael Reed, 21, was the only one home with the baby at the time the infant sustained the injuries.

During a police interview, Reed reportedly told several different versions of how the baby was injured; however, when told that none of his stories matched the child's injuries, Reed agreed to "tell . . . the truth."

Police say Reed said he became frustrated when the infant would not stop crying. He first "ran (the baby's) head into the door." Reed said he did not see any marks on the baby's head after that, but his frustration continued as the boy did not stop crying.

Reed allegedly admitted to then "toss[ing]" his infant son across a bed and into a wall. When Reed demonstrated the tossing action with a doll, the witnessing officer reported that the doll hit the wall with "a significant amount of force."

Reed is currently held without bond on two counts of child abuse. The maximum penalty for child abuse in Oklahoma is life in prison.