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By Dustin Phillips on
December 24, 2010
February 5, 2020

Eleven people from three families were arrested over the last two months in connection with a child molestation investigation of what police are calling a "sex compound" in Logan County.

Four people were arrested in October, and the remaining seven were arrested last week on charges ranging from enabling child abuse to first-degree rape in Oklahoma. Police say the investigation began after an anonymous tip to a Department of Human Services hotline.  (learn more about OK rape laws here)

The alleged sexual assaults took place on a piece of property in Logan County that housed several trailer homes.   A convicted Oklahoma sex offender, who was charged in 2008 with failing to register, lived on the property.  

Another of the arrested individuals was already on probation for sexual battery. Several of those charged in connection with the child sexual abuse were accused of knowing about the abuse but failing to report it; others were alleged to have failed to properly supervise children in the presence of a known sex offender. Charged with enabling child sexual abuse and various other offenses are:

  • Ed Whitlock, Sr., 64
  • Joyce Rushing, 56
  • Tammy Matthews, 37
  • Isaac Henry Juzan, 28
  • Alice Juzan

Those charged with Oklahoma sex offense include:

  • Ed Whitlock, Jr., 22 - second degree rape (more here)
  • Larry Leon Alderson, 48 - lewd acts with a minor under 16
  • Penzy McCoy - sexual battery
  • George Hankinson, 69 - first degree rape, forcible oral sodomy, and lewd molestation

Rape & Age of Consent in Oklahoma

Two juveniles were arrested for sexual abuse of a child, but were not identified by the Logan County Sheriff's Department.  To learn more about Oklahoma's rape laws and age of consent click here.

One of the arrested teens is a 14-year-old boy police say was raped by two men.  The sheriff's office did not report how many victims were involved in the sexual abuse, but did say that no further arrests are expected in the case. As of last Tuesday, all of the adults remained in jail with bonds ranging from $40,000 to $100,000.


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