OKC Burglars Leave a Trail: Stupid Criminals of 2013

Last weekend, as snow blanketed much of Oklahoma, two suspected burglars made their way through an Oklahoma City neighborhood, entering several homes and taking items including food and a bicycle. Because of the falling snow, investigators were able to quite literally retrace the suspects' footsteps, finding a trail of burglarized homes. Police were called in response to reports of people ringing doorbells in the neighborhood during the snowstorm. When they arrived, they discovered Coleton Zamola, 23, walking in the road. Zamola told police that his friend, 23-year-old Rocky Roark, was trying to find a garage to enter to get out of the storm. When an officer found Roark, the man fled. The officer followed his footprints in the snow to discover a burglarized truck, a home from which food had been stolen, a stolen bicycle, and the home from which the bicycle had been stolen. Clearly, Zamola and Roark were not Boy Scouts, who are taught early to Leave No Trace. "Criminal masterminds" are rare, but their opposites, the criminally stupid, seem to be in great supply. A recent People magazine article listed "The Dumbest Criminals of 2013." Included in the list are the following failed criminals:

  • A woman who provided a stolen ID to a waitress--and the ID belonged to the waitress,
  • A man who mugged a woman, dropping his birth certificate and a letter from his mother at the scene,
  • A guy who punched a uniformed police officer, thinking that the cop's uniform was a Halloween costume,
  • And the several criminals who pocket-dialed 9-1-1 while committing a crime, including the man who butt-dialed his intended victim while discussing the murder plot with a hit man.
In addition to the criminal butt-dialers, we would like to also include the list of people who drunk-dialed police while intoxicated. [caption id="attachment_2165" align="alignleft" width="300"]oklahoma riminal lawyer Image Credit: Adam Jones, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license[/caption] It is said that crime doesn't pay, and this is never more true than when criminal intent meets a lack of common sense. Often, "dumbest criminal" antics are the result of judgment impaired by drugs or alcohol, but sometimes, they are just the result of plain old idiocy. Obviously, police work to catch criminals, and investigators gather evidence for prosecution. However, some suspects make it easy by practically handing over the evidence, gift wrapped with a bow. In these cases, a defense attorney has to work harder to achieve a positive outcome to a case, but even in the most challenging circumstances, a skilled lawyer will diligently pursue the best possible outcome. Click here to learn more.