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By Dustin Phillips on
August 17, 2015
December 31, 2019

A former Jay Public Schools basketball coach was charged with several felonies last spring after he was accused of having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl on his team. Now, Delaware County prosecutors have added several more charges to the list after he allegedly contacted the girl and resumed a sexual relationship after the initial charges were filed.

In March, students reported to administrators at Jay High School that they believed the girls' basketball coach, Cory Lyndon Henton, 38, was involved in an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old girl. The students said that the coach often showed favoritism to the girl, and said that the two were acting suspiciously during an event in the school gym. The students said they pretended to leave the gym and waved goodbye to the coach and the teen, but when the immediately returned, the pair was in an equipment room together with the door locked. The students told administrators that the two seemed embarrassed when they opened the door.

Henton denied any wrongdoing, saying that he and the student were simply putting away basketballs. However, the girl allegedly admitted that she and the coach had kissed on several occasions and told investigators that she and her coach were in love. She said that the relationship never progressed beyond kissing, and that the coach never "touched her inappropriately."

Henton was arrested and charged with 12 counts of lewd molestation as well as one additional count each of engaging in a pattern of criminal activity and soliciting sexual conduct or communication with a minor by use of technology.

The defendant was barred by court order from contacting the teen involved, and the girl's mother filed a protective order against him. However, the former coach is now accused of violating the court order by not only contacting the girl, but also furthering his relationship with her.

The girl's father reported the contact to police after he discovered a secret cell phone that the defendant allegedly gave the girl so that they could remain in contact.

According to the allegations against him, Henton met with the girl on at least four occasions, engaging in sexual activity and trying to convince her not to testify against him. He allegedly told the girl that he was planning to divorce his wife and marry her.

The defendant was arrested again on Friday and charged with several additional crimes, including four more counts of lewd molestation, one count of rape by instrumentation, and one count of second degree rape. He was booked into the Delaware County Jail and held on $600,000 bond.

Almost any time a person is accused of a sex offense, one of the conditions of release will be a requirement to avoid all contact with the alleged victim. Sometimes, if a person believes that he or she is in love with the alleged victim, refraining from contact can be difficult. Other times, a defendant may want to explain a misunderstanding, in hopes that the accuser will understand that no real crime was committed. However, violating the court order is a critical mistake that can only lead to further consequences. If you are charged with a sex crime, it is imperative to follow the orders of the court and to listen to your attorney's counsel.

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