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By Dustin Phillips on
June 25, 2013
December 31, 2019

The story was shocking enough in its beginning stages. A man called police to report that his pregnant wife, a young mother of four children, was missing.

The story quickly moved from shocking to sordid as investigators say Justin Adams, the husband of the missing Jaymie Adams, was dishonest and uncooperative in the investigation. Before long, it was revealed that the couple were "swingers," and Jaymie Adams was using Craigslist to engage in prostitution.

Nearly a month after her disappearance, Jaymie Adams's body was found near Lake Stanley Draper. She had been stabbed 29 times, her jaw broken in three places. Because of allegations of past domestic abuse against his wife and because he was not completely honest with police, he was arrested and charged with first degree murder in the deaths of his wife and her unborn child.

Adams remained in jail from his arrest in January 2012 until July of that same year, when a judge decided to allow bail. Throughout his months in jail, Adams proclaimed his innocence. Last month, to add another twist to the case, a man initially questioned in Jaymie Adams's disappearance and death was charged with her murder. Joseph Cyr, of Skiatook, was one of three men who had contacted Jaymie about sex the day before her disappearance. Cyr admitted to talking to her about prostitution via Craigslist, but he told investigators he never actually met her.

However, DNA from an unidentified person found on Jaymie's body came back as a match for Cyr. He was charged with first degree murder, and the murder charge against Justin Adams was reduced. That's right, reduced. Not dismissed.

Despite early accusations of lying about his whereabouts, police determined that Justin Adams was truthful when he told investigators he had been home in Blanchard, 30 miles away from the crime scene, when his wife was killed. Despite another man being charged with the murder of Jaymie and her unborn child, Justin remains charged in her death.

Prosecutors say that because Justin Adams enabled Jaymie to participate in prostitution, he contributed to her death. He is charged with two counts of first degree manslaughter. Adams's defense lawyer says the manslaughter charges are unwarranted. He says that his client has spent six months in jail and accumulated $100,000 in legal fees as a result of his wrongful arrest and charge. He argues that Justin Adams should not be criminally charged at all in the case, and he is expected to ask the court to dismiss the manslaughter charges against his client at a preliminary hearing this week.

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