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By Dustin Phillips on
August 10, 2015
December 31, 2019

Thanks to his rifle, a Norman man's luck did not run out early Sunday morning.

According to reports, Kenny Childers and his wife had a good night at the Riverwind Casino on Saturday, on a winning roll and celebrating. After collecting their earnings, the pair headed home and went to bed early Sunday morning.

They did not have long to get comfortable in bed before an intruder broke in through a window, threatening them with a knife and demanding their casino winnings. He had apparently noticed the two at the casino and followed them home.

Childers did not try to fight the intruder, but instead gave him the money and threw the keys to his wife's pickup out the doorway as instructed by the intruder.

But just because he complied with the intruder's demands does not mean Childers had any intention of letting him get away with it.

As soon as the robber fled the home, Childers grabbed one of five rifles and chased him down. He made the suspect get on the ground and threatened to shoot him--but then he realized his rifle wasn't even loaded.

Thinking quickly, Childers told the man that he was going to give him a second chance. He said if the intruder could make it to the end of his long driveway before cops arrived, he could go free. The man took off running, and Childers ran inside to load his gun. He came back out, hopped on a four-wheeler, and again chased down the suspect, holding him at gunpoint until police arrived.

The man was arrested, and police are searching for a second suspect who was driving the getaway vehicle.

Oklahoma has fairly permissive gun laws, and the state upholds the Castle Doctrine--the belief that a person has the right to be safe in his or her own home and has the right to protect himself or herself and any one else in the home. While a person has the right to use lethal force to protect himself or herself, there are some important things to remember about self-defense in Oklahoma.

Once a threat is neutralized, the use of lethal force is no longer justified under the law. In other words, if someone breaks into your home, you are allowed to shoot him or her if your life or safety is in danger. However, if that intruder takes one look at the firearm pointed his way, turns tail, and runs, you would not be justified under the law if you chased him from your home and shot him. If you did so, you could find yourself charged with a serious crime.

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